Cost of Living in Ukraine

Hi there! Regarding the cost of living in Ukraine (not Kiev, but Western Ukraine - greater Lviv area) I am having trouble assessing it realisitically. On personal visits I have found some of the stories to be true because in supermarket chains the prices for many daily goods is almost the same (or higher) than in Western Europe. I'm especially interested in food and Utilities. Even with some local experience I am finding it hard to believe, that the cost of utilities (electricity/water) for a 2-person household is around EUR 150 per month - as a friend told me just last week. Any thoughts and experiences much appreciated!


I think your friend means maybe 150 Grivnas, not Euros.. about 150 UAH would be not unreasonable. Lviv is not the cheapest place to live. Lviv should be cheaper for some things than Kiev...

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