House share or somewhere to live in Marrakech

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for advice around finding somewhere to live in Marrakech and potentially sharing with someone. I am an English 27 year old female. I was planning on moving out to Marrakech in April to be closer to my boyfriend but have since learnt that the laws won't allow us to live together without being married. Although we've been together nearly a year marriage is a big step for us especially being from different cultures and religions, we need more time to see how this would work without the big commitment. I am hoping to start some work for a charity so this is an opportunity for me as well as our relationship.

Thank you in advance for any help 😌 I would love to hear from someone if they were in a similar situation!


Peacock xx

Hello there
I'm brahim,  a local resident in Marrakesh
I have a sister who is renting an apartment in the centre of the city "Gueliz" and I can ask here if she needs a housemate
I'm pretty sure u'll become friends in a blink of an eye

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