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Hello, friends!! Can anybody tell me the procedure for getting a driver's license in Amman? I mean the costs and what is the proceedure, the tests... everything I should k now. P.S. I am not Jordanian, what kind of documents I need?? Thank you all !!!

Do u have any driver Lic ?if not ,u have to go to the DMV ,Take the Driving book then u have to take writing  test on the Book.about 8 JD
2-if u pass then u have to take Driving test about 100 JD ,
u pay every time u retake the test if u don't pass the 1st,,
":No one Pass 1st time "..

what id you already have a drivers licence?

if lol sorry

Does anyone know if the test is offered in English? If no, can I bring a translator? Also, what if I have a U.S. driver's license, does that change the procedure?

Why don't people usually pass the first time? A) They're bad driver's B)The company wants more money or is corrupt? C)The test is hard (hrader than U.S.)? D) Other

Any tips to passing the first time? Would I be more likely to pass by dressing western or middle eastern?


Exchanging non-Jordanian driving licences & issuing other licences to non-Jordanian    
First : The minister is excluded from the technical examination of the driving licenses applicant who is :

Jordanian and has a valid driving licence issued by Arab or foreign country .
Non-Jordanian and has a valid driving license issued by an Arab or foreign country if reciprocity .
Second : Driving licence for non-Jordanian people is issued according to the following conditions :

To bring out an identity evidence by one of these documents :
          Valid passport .
          Valid travel document .
To bring non-Jordanian driving licence or a qualification permit by one of the training centers .
To have a valid annuity residence permission or a valid temporal Jordanian passport .
A permit of good be heavier and manner if the person is not included in the residence system .
To complete 18 years old at least in order to get a first , second , third , or seventh class driving licence , and to complete twenty-one years old in order to get a driving license from the public classes .
To be in a good heath in accordance with the adopted heath instructions .
To pass the technical examination of the licence class he wanted to have if he does not have a valid foreign driving licence and free from the examination in a decision by the minister of interior .
To get a 2nd , 4th , 5th or 6th class driving licence it is stipulated to get the a agreement of the minister of interior in addition to the mentioned conditions , the applicant also must have a work permission as a driver .
The period of issuing the driving licence is as follows :
          1st and 3rd classes are for ten years.
          2nd , 4th , 5th and 6th classes for 1 year .
          7th class is for 2 years .
The minister has the right of seizure the driving license before expire .
Third : The conditions of age that have mentioned in the traffic law must be considered and fulfilled in the applicants of having or Renewing of all classes of driving license .

Fourth : Conditions that must be fulfilled to renewal driving licence for Non- Jordanian people .

To bring the valid passport .
Residence permission for people included in the residence , or a good behavior permission from the intelligence department for people who are not include , in addition to a new personal photograph .
The subscription of the ministry of interior for the 2nd , 4th , 5th and 6th classes .

Guys, I'm staying here now in Jordan for more than a year, I have a Emarati driving license and wanting to get a Jordanian DL. Do I need to secure one? What would be the process? Im using rent a car since it is provided by the company and use my UAE DL. Is't allowed to use company car or private car using a non-Jordanian DL? Appreciate dearly if someone could give me advise.

Save yourself the hasten if you have a European or American License .Just go to marka at the Department of veichel registration ,exchange your license with a jordanian ( u get to keep your American one ) take 2 photos, pay 30 jod and you are out.I did it.

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It's very far from 30 JOD. I actually switched mine with 215 JOD at marka. I did not go through any driving test as the money is what they're after.
If you got the money I'd advice u do it.
Jordan is damn broke and you definitely will fail like 10 times if u decide to go for a test, at 10 JOD per test.

What is the address for the Marka drivers license bureau?  Since I am closer to Fuheis, can I do it over there?  Marka is a far drive for me.