How to Open a recovery house in Santo Domingo,DR

Hello, My name is Leticia I am from the US and I am looking to open a Recovery house for women after they have plastic surgery done in the DR. I will be looking to buy a house there and make that the recovery house. I will look to hire staff that is bilingual. I just need to find out how and where to start this process?  I plan to stay living in the US but traveling back and fourth and eventually move to DR in maybe 3 years.  Any help to point me in the right Direction would greatly be appreciated. Thanks 😊

I have helped at least 6 others this year with this process. If you are interested I will send you a message.

Hi planner I am interested. I am looking into opening up a recovery house in Dominican Republic but do not know where to start. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!!

This seems to be considered a real opportunity lately. I will message you.

Hello, can you message me also! I am wanting to open a RH there in the DR also

Hello can you send me info regarding opening a Recovery house in Dominican Republic catering to those who just had plastic surgery.

Happy to help you.

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Can you please also send me the information as well. I am ready to move forward with opening up an Recovery house in the DR.

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Desiree I also messaged you honey.

Thank you so much! I sent you an email!  And I look forward to being a member of this forum!!!

Hi planner can you also send me information on opening a recovery house thanks

I have messaged you as well. Welcome to the forums.

I as well am interested in starting a revovery home in dr. Pls call email or text anytime Regina.  ***. Thank you

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Hi, wondering if you got any info to start your recovery home.  I am interested as well.

I will send you a private message as well.

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can you message me as well. thanks

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can you Please Send me some information as well on opening a recovery house

I sure can. I will send you a privatr message on here.

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Will do!!!

I am also interested in opening a recovery house in DR. I am a RN from the US. I stayed in a RH there after surgery and it was not up to par for my standards.BUT it peeked my interest and I wondered how many other woman felt like me. It wasn't a horrible experience but it was definitely nothing I was use to.

It is an issue in the indistry - lack of standards. I can help you and will message you privately

I can certainly help you with all the needed contacts.  send me a private message.

Good Morning,

I'm also interested in opening a recovery home abroad in the Dominican republic. Can you please point me in the right direction.

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I sent you a private message.

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Hi I’m interested as well ! Please let me know what to expect and how to start

I sent you a private message honey.

I will like to open a RH IN dominican republic, dont know where to start, or around how much the investment is

I will message you privately on this.

Good morning,
I was trying to see how would I go about opening a recovery house in Santo Domingo.  I went there for surgery, and I wasn’t satisfied with the he recovery house I chose.  I want something upscale, were I can be very attentive to my customers.  If you can lead me in the right direction that’ll be great

Happy to help you. I will send you a private message.  You are not alone in your feelings.

For the record many people complain about the care they received but most are not willing to pay more for quality care!

Hi planner I am interested into opening up a recovery house in Dominican Republic but dont know where to start can you please message me with any information that may start me off all help will be appreciated. Thank you!!

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