Hello I'm Pati,

currently relocating to the Santo Domingo area but undecided on whether i should buy and ship appliances and furniture from Florida or buy these items in Santo Domingo instead?

Welcome to the forums. Unless you are using the exception provided when you file for Residencial, it is rarely worth it. Cost of shipping. Tax and duty will be ridiculous. 

Almost everything is available here. I too am in S D.

Planner is right. With careful shopping you can save a bundle over shipping  your stuff to here. Welcome to this glorious island.

We just moved to Santa Domingo , brought a 40 footer container with our car and other goods and had no problem but we used a company who did the whole thing ( door to door).
I am sharing their link in case you like to check with them:
[link moderated]

There is another comapny IContainer .
Best of luck

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Thanks for sharing. I assume this was done with your residencia exemption?

It depends upon the country you are coming from and the services offered.  I did the same thing residencia, no nada.  All the answers you provide here all need to include "it depends".

We shipped a 40 ft container almost 13 years ago when you could not get anything here.   Using our residency exemption it was cheap as far as import taxes went (about $200).

Today I would not do it but rather buy what we need here.

Bob K

Using a Mudanza avoids all the tax hassle

I import all my appliances....they arrive in 2-3 weeks... door to door.

Stove/fridge is about $300-350 to bring in ... all $$ in

Scoop a 1/2 price deal... ship... easy peasy

US mudanzas abound
Canada has one I know of who is trustworthy

Ok, I'll ask...what's a Mudanza?

A shipper - door to door... mine is in NYC
others are in Miami

very easy stuff... a tanque (barrel) for about $130... a box about $35

Just google mudanza,, , you'll be fine

18x18x28 box door to door, no weight limit from Daytona Beach, FL. to Sosua,.. $70 usd.

Have you tried MIA.... might be better

I use NYC - so don't know the FL prices

@planner waht is a residencia exemption?

    @planner waht is a residencia exemption?


When you obtain residency here, you are allowed to bring in one container of household items duty-free. This must be done within 6 months of getting your residency! I'm not sure of all the paperwork involved because our cargo broker handled that for us. When our container came in, the paperwork was presented to Aduanas (Customs) and we had to go in for an “interview”, answering basic questions about what was in the container, and attesting that the items we brought in duty-free would not be sold for X amount of time (maybe 3 years?). You can also receive a discount on the import duty of a vehicle.

@vincent1358 can you please put the name of the moving company you used to ship your furniture in the Business Directory?

I would start at this end - in Sto Dom

Have someone like Hispaniola Freight arrange the shipment

Hispaniola will then clear you in

Mudanza is great because it is door to door at a prepaid fixed price. Usually no surprises and no weight limit.

I have shipped several from Europe over the years. These small companies here are dominicans that live here, they rent a container, collect all the boxes and after shipping they fly overthere and deliver. Shipping can be 4-6 weeks from Europe, depending on the route. A 96x50x50 cm box costs around 120 Euro's.

I am filling up a box right now, usually it is packed with clothes and food (dominican wife!) but this time I claimed space for a lot of tools and small construction and repair items. In the DR stuff is always broken and I never have the right tools or parts at hand. I hope this shipment will solve some of the frustration.

Because of the no weight limit I pack everything very tight and use all the small spaces and it is amazing how much you can fit in one box. I think every box was over 100KG and it is more economical than paying for extra luggage on a flight.

But that does not work for appliances and furnture

Yes it does

All my applIances are mudanza imported

they have prices for  used


fridges stoves washing mc

Furniture too

Got it but thats  not the  US $200 barrel. That was my point and I made it badly.