How to Open a recovery house in Santo Domingo,DR

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I'm not interested in opening a recovery house. I'm just curious and surprised at how big of a demand plastic surgery is in the Dominican Republic

Unless disfigured, I could never understand the mind set required to have plastic boobs or butts. Easier to see the desire for a nose job or a breast reduction. The idea of radically changing one's appearance for non medical reasons is far beyond my ken.  However, as Planner often says, "To each their own".  I don't recall ever seeing a truly ugly person, but many ugly folks on the inside.  I'm not talking about birth defects or scaring from accidents, I'm talking about normal pleasant appearing people, men & women alike.  I'm not putting them down, I just don't understand the desire. Good luck & hope the results are what you want.     As most of you might know, I wouldn't be able to see any difference in the before and after anyway.

Julian medical tourism is a fast growing industry here. Statistics vary but around 20,000 procedures a year here in DR with 80% being Americans.

Finally after years of this being the wild wild west Salud Publico in cracking down on surgeons, clinics and recovery homes. New requirements are being applied.

Now, to open a profitable recovery home, that fulfills the requirements, will take over US $50,000 to open. It's a serious investment.

After surgery people must stay 10 to 21 days and they need professional care. 

The industry is growing at over 6% annually!  After surgery many of these mostly women, get dental work, botox, dermablading and other things done!

Hi, can you please send me the info on how to start a recovery House in the DR?

Hi! I’ve been interested in starting a recovery home in Santo Domingo. I’d like some information on how to begin the process please 🙂

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Hi i am interested in opening a recovery house in dominican republic and would like to get to understand the processes

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Can you send me the information as well? Thank you!

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Hello, I wanted to know if you could send me info on how to open up a recovery home in the DR

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