Algerian boyfriend

I'm from South Africa and do have a friend in Algeria, we do talk via internet and whatsapp. I do agree relationship is very much virtual.  He is very attractive,friendly, kind, compasionate and understanding. He is much younger than me, wich is difficult for me yet, although he befriend me. I do look younger than Im suppo

Whay is everyone warning westren Chritian women agianst Algerian men or visiting or relocating to Algeria? Why Tunisia and not Algeria?    Most important why is Algerian men like older westren women?
Must all woman be phelloptious? My friend think I look like a mermaid, westren standards, it would be a compliment

I bet he is charming you.  They are hard work.
If your older than him and I don't know by how much.
I would be questioning if this is real.  Probably my husband especially if you have a fb profile showing some flesh.  I would be very cautious not all the same though. My husband say he's military poor he's sick if your guy is saying this to you run away fast next it will be send me gifts send me money.  If he's saying your his wife then be caerful quick to tell you that love you.  Algeria is beautiful dirty and difficult country.
Just be aware not all are real...  good luck inchallah

The ones warning you know what these men are about.
We are living it Algeria you think it's easy living there as a woman.  He will always be right his family will come before you he will leave you for his family.
You need talk to more people.  There are many forums out there join some and chat.  Ask many questions people are dying going in boats to other countries risking they lives they children just to get out of Algeria.
Think with your head not your heart just be caerful .
They know how to charm and choose women who they think are lonely vulnerable.  Tunisia is easy to marry than Algeria.  Good luck your older that's a big no for algerian men regardless what you look like.

I have a situation with my Algerian man trying to come visit the USA so we can finally meet.  We have known each other for more than 1 year but we both feel its very important to meet now as we are serious with each other but he says getting a visa to USA is very difficult and sometimes we feel stressed about it.  We fear we will never meet? :(  Any advice?


Wow he's quick wanted to visit you in the USA.
It's easier for you to go Algeria on a tourist visa that he come to you.
First of all I will ask you, have he asked for money gifts he's poor.  Talked about marriage already ?.
If so run fast.   You have not met him in person yet.
Do you know if he is married ? They normally marry they cousins sorry I don't want to burst your bubble.
It's better I tell you these things first inchallah.
They don't date they marry, they all want to get out of Algeria. Don't matter how they do it or who they hurt in process. I hope yours is respectful of you.
I am married to one, culture wise and they way of thinking is totally different to ours.
Maybe you should join some groups out there.
There are many really good ones.  Have you done a Google search on him?. And please not all is what it seems with they family either they will love you haha.
Now if this guy is a good one, all I can say is it's going to be hard for him to get a visa. If he rich maybe he can.
However I don't know what area he is from in Algeria
But it is safe but not woman on her own. People are really friendly but you need stay safe.
I wish you good luck and happiness Allah bless you.
If there is a big age difference between you then be caerful of fake plastic people they will love bomb you with words.

Hi everyone I'm Angeline from England. I have had algrian boyfriend for 6 years. Well I did up till 3 weeks ago he stopped talking to me over a stupid Mobil phone. He's made me  so I can not contact him no we're at all cut his phone of. Blocked emails I just can't get hold of him. We have been trying for a visa the last time we apply he got refused and this month we was applying again after reading these comments it's really made me think if it was all a lie we spoke every single day no matter what. He as never asked me for money he as a good job in Algeria. And we met when he lived in France.. But every time he don't like something he cuts me of. He done it last year for 2 weeks and now this time for 3vweeks I've been so heartbroken and very sad but now it's turning  me getting so mad after reading some of this cause I have been scam by the man that I loved so very much. I want answers so I'm planing on going to Algeria to go and face him I've been trying to get his friends and family to get him to talk but he just won't be in touch with me. It's sad really anyway thanks for readingv

He as moved on because he's been refused a visa..
They play the long waiting game for thier visa.
Go to (rat on a rat) and read the stories there.
Please under any circumstances go to Algeria.
They are angry people you will not be safe.
They do this stop contact with you, i guess he wanted a mobile phone ?.  Please be wise its not what you think in Algeria.  Friends family can be all in on the scan.
I am married to an algerian lived there visit many times.
You would need to be met by someone you know.
They are like children and need to be treated as one.
You really need go to this site mostly about tunis men but there is many scammed by Algerians.
I can only say sorry you are being treated like this..
Love scammers. They really want to get out of thier country visa visa visa. I really hope he is not using you.
Their mindset is not like ours. Google his name you might find other social media sites dating sites ECT.
Good luck inchallah

Hi thanks for your reply. Every day I'm getting madder he as now got the Mobil I bought it for his bday and it got a day late for it to be took to Algeria the refused visa was two years ago we was just applying for a new one. Also I've search his name I can not find him no were not on a dating site I've looked for him every were I thought I knew merouane so well but I gusse I was wrong I learn him perfect English to all I know he's cut me of and it's the most horrible thing I've been though six years wasted and it was a scam I'm gutted

Many are in same situation as you please go read and char on Tunisia love rats. It's not just for Tunisian men.  I don't know if you ever been to Algeria?.
But please put your safety first. You could go there and he refuse to meet you. They have a good way of running.  I feel your pain they play with your heart.
They are selfish and mostly marry they cousins..
Family can be in on it to. Please go this site your eyes will be open. He will be back when he wants something I'm sure.. x

Hi the thing is he's never asked me for money. I should of got the sign when he talking to me less and less how can anyone tell you. They love u and its all a pack of lies. I will go on that page now and look. Also I've never been to Algeria. I was always worried about going I've been begging him everyday to talk to me and today the last day I'm done 😐thanks for your advise and reply x

I am so sorry you go through this although I am married to mine he as blocked me to on fb ECT.
I wish you luck x

Thank u x

My suggestion, Algerian men are not the one you can rely on.

I had been dating and lived with one Algerian man for 8 years until we had one kid together. He introduced me to his parents, they were so good to me and were talking about our future and marriage. One day, he just left us (our son and I) and get married with his own kind whom was arranged from his family with heartless move.

They are selfish and don't be any serious in relationship for the foreigner, especially if he doesn't have much money I can assume that he just want to use you. You better find someone who treasure you more than this.

I was abandoned and left brokenly to raise up our son alone as a single mother, despite all time we had together and the lies from his family to give me bullshit hope. The most disappoint point is his family is quite a decent one. Don't step in to their traps, better have nicer person in your life.


I'm so sorry TanyaPP and even more so because you have a child together - this is a worry of mine too that the whole family are in on the deceit.

I have met the family many times and they are decent  and very welcoming but is it all just to get the visa to the uk to make all their lives better ?

Can I ask if you ever lived in algeria or did he get the visa and then end the relationship after 8 years ?


We were living in the Middle East country, I didn't go to live with him there because the life in Algeria is not so pleasant believe me. You will not like there. Our relationship was ended when I lost my job and went through difficult financial situation, that's the time they decided to kick me out due to I had no use anymore (I had quite a decent job and well paid with a very large organization).

He decided to left me according to his family advise and flew back home to marry Algerian woman. That's was not a joke for me and our son, I was struggling to find a new job to survive and feed the child. Luckily, few year later I could regain back my status again. During our hard period, there was no news, no single word from them at all. The decency they show was just a lie to take advantage on you.
They don't accept foreigner easily, they were all for their own kind. You will never be part of their family. Many of them still marry with cousins, and be among themselves only.

I wonder sometimes if there are any genuine algerien men or are they all just after a way out of algeria -I read this in forums all the time . 

We invest years into these relationships and we devote all our time and love and then we end up devastated .

I don't have any money so I can't give my man a visa but he says he really loves me and will find a way to get me to algeria but it's been 4 years now and I don't want to live in different countries forever.

I wish you all the best

Dear Caroline

Don't waste your time anymore. I wasted my time, my opportunity, and my son's life.

But one thing I have been very glad was my son was not become one of them, I raised him up my way and he is such a good lovely young man which is so different from his father.
You cannot imagine living among their family, and being denied all the time, even you are a wife and mother of his son but as a foreigner you will be less value than his cousins.

I can say his family is very decent because they all have good jobs in Algeria and abroad, he himself is working in the diplomatic office of Algerian Foreign Affair Ministry in Middle East. If this kind of people can cheated on me, if you come across the poorer family, they will be worse.

Hope you find a good new man
All the best


Hi Tanya ,

They are very charismatic these algerien men and they draw us in and before we know it we are totally in love .

I don't know what the future holds for me but I'd like to think I would be strong enough to walk away -I've been through worse and come out the other side so I know I could get by in my own .

  You know your man will get his karma one day and you sound like a strong independent woman too -we can cope with whatever life throws at us !

Take care


I hope you managed to make some progress with the UK visa, i believe if you are in receipt of DLA benefit and you need a carer you dont have to  meet the £18K threshold and you can apply for him to join you in the UK as your carer and husband. Maybe get married in Algeria.

From my experience you need to show the home office that its a genuine relationship like providing pictures of you and his family in Algeria and flight tickets over the years ect. I dont believe you need a lawyer to initially apply as it will cost you far too much money. The visas and residency are already very expensive as they are..

Good luck the whole visa process is very expensive and stressful. My husband and I live in London and we had to go through the whole process and we are lucky that we both meet the financial criteria but over the years until hubby got his citizenship, he paid ££££ in visa fees.

Hi ,

Thank you for your message. It's such an expensive process and although I don't need to meet the £18k threshold ,the cost of the visas and the final settlement visa could make it almost impossible .

My fiancé wouldn't be able to claim carers allowance until he has full residency because no recourse to public funds so I have almost given up on him coming to the uk .

Maybe one day in the future if we can save enough money but for now we are still doing the long distance relationship or I'm going to give up 😞


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9 years ago, I met the love of my life. His name is Abdullah Khaled Ibrahim al Fatah bin Moussa and i've never looked back since. He is an Algerian man and is extremely compassionate, and empathetic. Algerian men are kings and deserve queens like us Caucasian folk. I myself am a man and was not able to marry him. But it was the best 3 years of my life. He left me now, for another white woman but that was only because he cannot be with another man. We still meet on weekends at the local hotel. 

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Which sites you're talking about. What are they called?

good evening. I have a similar problem. Maybe something worse. Could I tell you?

It's very rare to find a genuine Algerian lover taniya got it right , most of the Algerian man after cleared and free from immigration  , he will leave you to get a wife from his home  country ,doesn't have to be his cousin it could be his girlfriend waiting for him ,even if you have 100 children with him, that won't  stop him to do what  his parents wish ( specially his mum) to marry an Algerian woman.
As Algerian ,we have traditions, we know what is acceptable to do and what is not ,Algerian woman will follow that with stress free to the man ,this is why Algerian parents advise their son to marry an Algerian woman.
Algerian man can play good boyfriend but not a good husband, because as a boyfriend he can close his eyes on you ,you can do whatever you wish to do, but as husband NO, he will put more authority on you , which leads to a broken relationship over time.

Dear ladies,

Please double check always the foundation of your love stories. If it is based on pictures, vdo calls, money, visa or settling in foreign countries (girl friend's country) so i am sorry to say that the foundation of the relationship is corrupt. There is no love at all if it is based to some kind of benefits like obtaining the visa.

I hope you all are safe always and do not be a victim of distance relationsips.


@Welshgirl23 Hi, I know the people of that country well. In general they are very good people. Experience depends on human innocence. Terrible things happen in America and nobody says anything. It is true that many Algerian men and women want to leave the country, as is the case in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, etc. the reasons are diverse, but mainly cases of romance, for studies or because they do not find noble work in Algeria, since the currency has little value. But it is a country with enormous potential, it is. I celebrate, those who dare to visit it. It is a beautiful country, greetings

@sixela123 Hi, Tell him if you can, go to Algeria first...before he visits the United States. If he's escroc, he'll say no, and he'll put up obstacles. Bye

@tanyapp Hello, how sad, and where do you live with your son, greetings

@tanyapp I would like to talk with you. You have had bad luck. You fell in love with an idiot, evil. But there are good men in Algeria. I have Algerian colleagues, from the engineering and construction area. It happened to me, with a Chilean climber, we were colleagues. Greetings

Hello Chetaibiar2020,

Thank you for your replies.

You are more than welcomed to go on the Algeria forum and exchange with the other members.

I'm sure they will be delighted by your insights.


Yoginee team

@signorsensitive hi there is it possible for you to tell me where you from, hopefully you can adive me on my story

Regards 1f60a.svg

@aneesah411 im from uk

@Thatiatus hi


we ll talk

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@Kelly boulton me too

@sixela123  to be honest having an US visa in Algeria is kind easy compared to other.

Hi Minniee,

It's been 5 years since your last post. I just wanted to know if you are still with your Algerian man? Did he ever visit England?

Hi Minniee

It's been 5 years since your last reply here. I just wondered if you and your Algeriam were still together? Did you marry? Did he ever get to visit England?

I would love to hear if it was a happy ever after

@Thatiatus yes, it's trueth