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I just accepted a job offer at Glasgow and since I don't know the city at all, I'd like some advice on which are areas are considered to be good to live. And by that I mean safe, with local amenities (a descent super market, good transportation etc) and affordable rent.

My job will be in Hillington and I wouldn't mind at all if my flat is not in the city center. I don't have a car yet, so good transport links is very important.

Any advice would be much appreciated!  :)

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I would avoid Easterhouse, the main Govanhill area, also some bits of Maryhill Road.  You may also want to avoid living close to the Rangers or Celtic football grounds.  On match days it can be fairly rowdy and intimidating. 

Most area's are fine, places with higher rent would be Strathbungo, Merchant City, the West End and the modern places in the City Centre.  For safety, I would avoid living in places where you need to cross a park or be away from shops/houses to walk from your house to the local shop/transport.  It means nobody can see you on your journey, and can make you vulnerable.  I have never had an issue, neither has anyone I know, but we don't go through the park once it's dark, if you're going along a quiet street with big gardens and nobody can see you, don't have your music loud and your headphones on.   

I would recommend living near a train station, the train from Central to Hillington is less than 10 minutes.  So you may want to live near to work, in Crookston or Hillington area? Or 5-10 minutes walk from a train station that goes into central (so you can change quickly).

Hi Amanda! Thank you so much for your reply!
Well, I actually decided to move to Paisley for a start. I did some research myself and since I really have to find a flat as soon as possible and noone would answer my question here, I thought that if I avoid some certain areas in Paisley, it might be a good solution. The rent there is cheap, most of the flats are in good condition, it's quite close to Hillington and because I am planning to buy a car soon, I think it is convinient.
If you have a moment to spare, I would like to know your opinion on this.
Thank you!!

I have a friend who lives in Paisley, it really depends where you live.  He lives in a ground floor flat in a tenement (the big 3 or 4 story old stone buildings, they have high ceilings and feel airy) and there is no secure main door, he has never had a problem, he is on either Blackhall Street or Ross Street (he is 5 mins from the Morrisons by the river) and he has fallen in love with Paisley. 

But I know there are some areas that are very rough, there's lots of deprivation, a thriving drug trade and a fair bit of violence.   Avoid at all costs Ferguslie Park. 

Also, My friend takes the Gilmour Street station train, and his train into Glasgow is about 11 minutes, I was surprised as it is only 2 minutes longer than my train and I live in the City.  He said there a few trains, according to him the the Canal Street stop takes longer as it has more stops (though I think it goes through Crookston which is the otherside of West Paisley Road from where you will be working, so could be convenient?) 

In Paisley I'd advise living near the train station, one of my friends takes buses everywhere and told me the bus to Paisley was something like 30 mins or an hour as there are loads of stops and it goes in and round everywhere. 

not sure if you are familiar with it, but you may want to look on Spareroom.co.uk.  Even if you don't use it for getting a flat (a lot of it is people looking to share), it does give you an idea of what is available and at what cost

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