Young family moving to Glasgow

Good evening!
I've read through the majority of the posts from the website and they are all very helpful, but I still have some questions about moving to Scotland (Glasgow).
We are a young family with our first baby due soon and we decided to start our new life in Scotland. We lived in south-England since 2015 and Scotland seems the right place for us!
Could anyone help us with some tips about an easy transfer to the new life.
1. We are planning on moving in July and tried to find a place to stay, but the majority of the agencies advices us to start looking in June. Isn't that to late too wait?
2. What areas would you recomand for living?
3. What is the process for signing for a gp/surgery in Scotland, as our baby will most probably have his final jabs there?
4. Are there any things we should be aware off ? We want to make friends and try not to offend anyone by mistake

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What line of work are you in? Its hard to answer your question 2. What areas would you recomand for living?

Don't get me wrong it is always good to start looking early but unless you know the right area you wish to live in its hard as the property market moves very quickly. A property that is vacant now, needs to be rented out NOW. The landlord will not wait 6 months with his property vacant.

I would recommend in signing up with Agencies so when a suitable property comes to their knowledge they can send you the details. This is when you know what area you wish to live in of course.

For you to register with a local doctor/GP all the information can be found by following this LINK.

Now I hate to bring up the word Brexit. You need to have a read on this LINK from the UK government website.

Expat Team

Thank you for your response!
We started looking so early because when we first came in England we signed the contract for our house in November in order to be able to move in July the next year, but this is how the city where we are currently living works.
My husband will most probably get a transfer with his job, as I will be in maternity leave, and we currently set our eyes on Motherwell. Do you have any opinion / advice about the area?
On the Brexit issue we are waiting to see what will happen before taking a decision, but we will be able to apply for eu settlement scheme next year if the law stays the same.

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