car registration

Hello all
i right now live in Caribbeans and will move to Belize in November. When I stayed last time I set up a bank account at Atlantic an rednted a condo in the city already.
Next step is to buy a car, What do I need to register it in general? Can I register it on my Turks and Caicos drivers license or do I need to transfer it? I guess I need insurance, which is the cheapest company for third party?
I rent and utilities will be paid by landlord. Do I need a utility bill in my name or is da contract sufficient?
Did I forget anything?

Thanks for da help!!

Once you own/have title to your vehicle, you will need to get insurance. We use Atlantic Insurance. Then you go to Traffic Department and get plates and registration. All you need is a valid drivers licence, from anywhere. Email the insurance company to see what, if any documents they need.

My sticker on mu golf cart runs out in Janurary  I will be there in December 1st in Placencia  when will the DOT be there and can i register it early?  Thanks for your help