Suggested route to drive from Brownsville Texas to Consejo Belize.

I'm looking for suggestions on the best route to take travelling from Texas to Consejo Belize. Most convenient, decent places to stay overnight and safety for my wife.  Any assistance would be appreciated.

FOLKS you best check travel advisory's for mexico, do you understand or speak Spanish?, if not you are because of your licence plates a target for corrupt cops and feds, mexico  is a very dangerous place for north Americans , there are many people here who  are big and tough and speak Spanish , they do not bring any thing south by road any more they ship every thing by container , high jackings are common if you run into some bad cops and there is lots all threw mexico , if you drive you have get a temporary importation permit at the border mexico side, i think now you leave a  deposit and collect it this side.i have talked to many people here who drove down , some big German guys they lost every thing of value, you best check.

This is a bit ( actually a lot) exaggerated. When I first moved to Corozal ( I relocated to Merida last year because Belize was not really working for me),  I drove with a trailer with houshold goods  from Brownsville to Chetumal-Corozal following the coast road then cutting across the Yucatan near Escarcega. There were no issues except a traffic ticket for going too fast thru a school zone. Though I am  pretty sure there was no school. I never drove at night. There were angeles verdes everywhere if u had vehicle trouble.
The only other problem was working through a broker in Belize for the right mordida for customs.

Thank you for the info Susan. Having served in the Marines I'm comfortable travelling most places. Funny, most posts I read that contain worrisome info aren't posted by ladies.

Hey Susan. I drive down to Merida and back every year. The first time I took the coastal route but it was such a slog I now go inland.. but the coast is much more straight forward in some ways. So I guess I want to confirm that you had no trouble and can you remind me how long it took? I'm wondering if I should give it another try.

Curious about why you say Belize wasn't for you.

Considering a move and gathering info.

1. I drove from Canada to Belize without incident. I dont know about driving to Merida other than moving there from Corozal follwing the coast road towards Cancun without issue
2. I found Belize to be lacking in commodities and amenities I was used to. Mexico ( Merida anyway) is easily 30-40% less expensive overall  than BZ. Utilities, fuel, internet in particular are cheaper. Finally though I am healthy so far, medical care is far superior.

Thanks Susan...

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