Insects in Malaysia

As with most of Southeast Asia, Malaysia abounds in a rich insect life as well as many varieties of spider. It's actually fun and quite challenging trying to take photographs of these tiny bugs, but then everyone should have a hobby.

There are several places that I usually go to try to take insect and spider photos, most commonly the Orchid Gardens and the Hibiscus Gardens in Kuala Lumpur. Then there is the Butterfly Park and the Lake Gardens. And one of my favourite places and somewhere that takes me out of the city and into the jungle is Taman Rimba Ampang.

These are some of my photos, admittedly not all that good, but I try and I have a lot of fun doing so. But please don't ask me to name them all.

Colourful Dragonfly


Orange Leaf Beetle

Predatory Fly

Orb Spider on web


Dragonfly with open mouth

I find insects repulsive.. But your pictures all look nice :)

Haha.... I'm not so keen on insects myself. But I do like dragonflies....

Taken at the KL Butterfly Park

I took this at the Orchid Gardens in Kuala Lumpur

A pair of mating beetles

Damn! These pictures are worth turning into desk-top wallpapers. Beautiful!!!

Haha thanks!

I guess I had a lot of free time when I was living in Malaysia  ;)

Small Praying Mantis

This was taken at KL Butterfly Park

A Bee flies near a Red Flower. This kind of shot requires a very fast shutter speed

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