Driving to UAE via Saudi by ROAD

Planning a Trip to UAE via Saudi Arabia from Bahrain by road

First apply for UAE e-VISA at
1. Open www.ednrd.ae
2. Click GCC Individual
3. Create an account without which you cannot apply for e-VISA
4. Select the Emirate (Abu Dhabi) & Port of Entry (ALGOUIFAT) which is at the Saudi-UAE border
5. Provide all the relevant details and submit

In case your wife and kids are accompanying you, apply separately for all of them and if you are there sponsor, make sure that once you get the VISA

you upload the same alongwith the other documents for your family. This is important otherwise you will find the status of your application as

"Documents required for Further Processing"

It takes 1-2 days for the VISA processing. In my case I got the very next day and my wife's VISA took another day as documents were missing

Next for Saudi Arabia Transit VISA
Saudi Transit VISA can be obtained from VFS Tasheel who are the only authorized agents in Bahrain appointed by Saudi Embassy. There are located in

Bahrain Financial Harbour at Second Floor.
You will have to book an appointment with them online and then on the date go with your documents.

Documents required are listed on https://www.vfstasheel.com/VFSTasheel/h … mation.jsp

One important document for which you will have to put in effort will be the "No Objection Certificate" (NOC) which you will require from your

Company (which you work for). It has to be in Arabic ONLY. This NOC letter will have to be attested by Bahrain Chamber of Commerce. For that you

will have to go to Bait Al Tijjar building which is in Sanabis alongside LMRA building.
Carry the NOC letter drafted in Arabic on your company's letterhead alongwith the company owner's CPR and teh company's CR copy.

In case the company you work for is not a Member of Bharain Chamber of Commerce, I am not sure whether they will attest the letter or not.
Attestantion charges are BHD 10/-
Once you have all the documents apply for Saudi Transit Visa as below.

For appointment
1. Open www.vfstasheel.com
2. Select "Schedule an Appointment" and next "Make an Appointment"
3. Select your country as Bahrain and Purpose of Travel as Transit
4. There are two categories in which you can apply - Normal or Lounge
5. Normal Service is BHD 19.5 per VISA and Lounge is BHD 34.5 per VISA. I opted for Normal and got the work done very easily.
6. On the appointment date go with all the documents, submit those, pay the VISA fee,Health Insurance Fee (introduced recently), get the Boimetrics

done. It all take maximum 1 hour including waiting time.
7. Usually they will tell you the same time that by when will your passport will be stamped and ready for collection. For me I got the Passport the very next day.

Once you are ready with the UAE and Saudi VISAs and you start your travel, you will have to get Car insurance for Saudi at Saudi Border and for UAE at UAE border.


Thank you for taking time and sharing this very useful information with us  :top:  Im sure it will help many.


What about for the return journey, or is the Saudi transit visa you obtain going out also valid for returning?

Aside from that, very good info.  :cheers:

Yes, the Saudi Transit VISA is valid for Entry & Exit for a round trip.
I just returned yesterday.

Thank You. I faced lot of challenges while planning this trip so I thought of summarizing my efforts which others can use. I am sure there will be many people (expats) who wish to do this trip while they are in the Gulf. With this info there efforts will be fruitful. Good luck to all

Wow thanks for sharing,
btw i have few question, i'm holding a french passport so i can get visa on arrival for UAE, kuwait & other countries , if i want to travel by road from bahrain to UAE for exemple, do i need e-visa for UAE before i apply for saudi transit visa ?

Hello there,
If you are a GCC resident then you should still apply for a e-VISA (entry permit).
Since you have a French Passport, I cannot say for sure. But I am sure all the information is available on the website www.ednrd.ae
And its always better if you have the UAE e-VISA before you apply for Saudi Transit VISA.
They can always ask you for a proof of going out from Saudi. It can be either the UAE e-VISA or a hotel booking in the UAE or any invitation letter from an  organization in the UAE.
In my case they didn't ask anything but you never know, better be prepared.

Good Luck

I'm sorry I don't mean to hijack your post but I'd also like to know the same. I have a valid Bahraini work permit and want to know if I can easily apply for visa for KSA, UAE and Qatar and travel there by road.


Hi, for obtaining a Saudi Transit VISA, your work permit/designation should be one of few listed on the  website www.vfstasheel.com
UAE visa has to be applied online and they have stopped issuing on arrival VISA as mentioned on their website.

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