Rent a car from Bahrain to Saudi


I'm working in Dammam and planning to keep my flat in Bahrain and renting a car for daily commute.

Anyone knows rent a car which is allowing to drive car from Bahrain to Saudi?

Thanks in advance

You would need a resident visa in Bahrain.  And even then, most companies will create problems or charge higher for this.   The other option is to rent a car through your company on a corporate deal.


Thank you for the prompt reply... as always 1f642.svg

You need a Resident permit in Bahrain and a Multiple-entry Visa for daily travel. ( You can get it online). Rent a car try Tooranco Rent a car ([link moderated]/ )

Yesterday I was told by three leasing companies that using Bahraini hire cars to travel across causeway is not allowed anymore. Two said the same the day before.

Yep read what I wrote above.  There are people travelling everyday via leased cars but that is through corporate deals.