Car Wash in Bahrain


I've been in Bahrain for a few months now and am slowly finding my way round this small island..
I wonder if any one can help me as I'm after a decent car wash place that someone can recommend?  I've been to Nazar Car wash that was close to the pearl roundabout (opposite central market) twice just before the unrest took place here in Bahrain. I dont think its operational as the road is closed when i went there two weeks ago... They were very good, wash the outside and inside of the car for the same price..quite cheap too..2BD

Can anyone recommend a similar one..if you could, pls can you give me the  name and the area?


Hi Jazzy581,

I have no idea of their prices but at the back of the parking of Bahrain Mall (Géant's mall), there is a car wash. I think the name is Bubble car wash if I remember correctly. They do steam washing and this kind of things, maybe you can check with them (plus you can have a coffee or do your shopping in between which sounds cool ! ^^)

Have a nice day


Hi Olivier,
Thanks very much for your reply and good information. I will for sure check this out.. I've also noticed that you seem to be a very helpful person on this forum. Keep up the good advice and i'm sure I will be posting more questions up as I explore more of Bahrain... :D


there is a pretty sweet place off of exhibition road.  it is at the second round-a-bout behind the sweets shop near the mechanics

There is one named "Car Wash" in hoora. Near relax inn, at the back of Saaddedin Pastry. I think its the same shop kyzarose was telling.

Yea, that^^^ is the one

there is another one: "washthecarbyyourself"  sauna inclusive: all for free :P

Thanks for your response Kyzarsose and Mostafa1011 - I will sure try this one out too as its closer to me compared to the other ones i've visited so far. Do you have any idea what the opening times are during Ramadan? but i will check it out any way.. :cool:

Anna66 thanks for your humour on this forum :joking:

Hey Anna,

This is Bahrain... Nobody washes his own car... Even the car washer has someone washing his :rolleyes:

Thanks for the touch of fun :top:

I found a place that really do a good job on your car. Kyzarsose and Mostafa 1011 recommended it. The car cleaners take their time but you will see the results are worth waiting for :D

Hey Jazzy,

Thanks for sharing with us !
If you want you can recommend this pro is the Bahrain Business Directory...



Hi Everyone,
I think to open a carwash in Manama. But it will be luxurious such as Ziebart, Bosch or Sonax. Do you think that the business will be good?

emelimim wrote:

Hi Everyone,
I think to open a carwash in Manama. But it will be luxurious such as Ziebart, Bosch or Sonax. Do you think that the business will be good?

There is a big one on Budaiya Highway that charges a lot of money. I think that when we can get our cars cleaned for less than BD1 you might be wasting your money building this business.

I have spoken with a trailer manufacturer that has been worjed at there. And he claimed that there is not any proper carwash in Bahrain. For this reason, i am curious about it. But i think he is wrong?

There are a number of car wash places here - of different quality and charges. You may be able to get some decent business if you set it up in certain areas, but its not a stable business.

Josnuggles is right - we can get our cars washed really cheap, so any potential business you will get for a car wash business is potentially a very small niche market.

Good luck with your decision.

There are a number of expert car wash companies here in Bahrain. I used them a few times and never experienced a queue or a waiting list. So I'd be surprised if you get a flood of new customers unless what you do is significantly better than anyone else.

I went for a car wash at Flash on Budaiyya highyway ! I paid 7 BD, got tear gassed and a very bad service in return !! Any better car washes than that please??

Laser car wash

Yasharjon10 wrote:

Laser car wash

Can you post the coordinates please. I know its around the Budaiyya area.

sorry guys my mistake i thought you were talking abt flash, i guess i rushed things and answered before i even read you posts :dumbom:  silly me

or you can always hire a freelancer indian guys who car washing at your door steps, they are almost available everywhere in the country , but choose wise and well coz some of them are lazy workers, like i had one wash my car 3 4 times a week, but he only showed up once or twice a week which really made me angry, so i told him not to come again lol

I use Dr Shine Auto Clean in Bahrain Mall.

The ones in Bahrain City Centre Mall can wash your car in and out for 8 BD. If you just want the outside of your car to be washed, I think it is 4 BD. The best bet is to ask at the reception of your building (if you have one). You might be surprised that the receptionist is actually doing it for 15 BD a month or so.