Driving KSA to BAH and vice versa

Is there anyway to rent a car from either side and drive in both countries with residency in neither?
So either rent in KSA with no Iqama and bring over border here or rent here with no CPR and drive in KSA

How are you entering KSA without an Iqama ?

Visit Visa ? Business ?

Anyways , I don't think you can take a rental out of the Kingdom without having "Residency" rights !

But I suggest you check with the rental companies !

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Visit visa into KSA

Yep you can rent a car from Avis/Avenue (in Bahrain...corrected*) or whoever and ask them for a letter to drive it Saudi. A lot of my co workers doing that. You might need to pay additional insurance cost.

Any hire company will rent you a car in Bahrain just on your driving licence and passport. They will give you a NOC to allow the car to be taken to Saudi. It is your responsibility to insure the car at the beginning of the causeway and then off you go. You can then drive that car legally in both countries. My husband has been doing this for nearly 4 years with no problems. (The longer you insure for the cheaper it is)

I'm looking at living in Saar (maybe?) and commuting to Al Khobar, KSA. Any ideas how long it will take and what I can do to minimize commute times?


The journey time can vary from between just under an hour to a few hours depending on the queues at the border crossing, which is the major variable in the equation.  My husband did it every day for a while, but got fed up with the daily unpredictability of the crossing so we now live in Saudi and visit Bahrain for weekends!  Many people do manage it every day though. The morning crossing is not too bad if you can get on the causeway before 7am but the evenings get very busy, especially on Thursdays. If you can get a VIP pass, it's easier, but they are quite difficult to get. Best to try to travel outside of peak commuting time if possible.

MisterG2015 wrote:

I'm looking at living in Saar (maybe?) and commuting to Al Khobar, KSA. Any ideas how long it will take and what I can do to minimize commute times?

I commute from Janabiya to Dhahran. Your commute time will depend very much on what time of day you are leaving home and work.

I leave for work at 5:30am and am at my desk in Dhahran at 6:15am. I leave to come home at 3:30pm and arrive home between 4:20 and 5:45 most days. When school holidays are on I don't get back until 6:30 though some evenings. If you're leaving later than me either way then you can extend these times by 30 mins or so maybe depending on how close you are to an 8-5 shift.

I need update on this topic as I will go in September to Bahrain for some months and will have to rent a car in Manama and go oftently to Dammam.
I will not be resident in both countries, I will have Commercial Visit visit for Saudi & most probably Tourist visa for Bahrain.
Can you recommend some companies offering service of rental cars in Bahrain covering driving into Saudi  and vice versa?
Thanks a lot for your support!

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pretty much any car rental company will be able to give you the paperwork to take the car to Bahrain. It may cost an admin fee and, the first time you do it, you will have to get the car details entered into the system where they'll be valid for as long as the letter from the company authorises. That might depend on how long you pay the rental for (e.g. monthly/quarterly etc).

You'll need to purchase third party insurance for the car BEFORE you drive through the toll in Bahrain. Buy the longest possible period of insurance you can because it's much cheaper (up to a year).

The best way to answer your question is, of course, to call a car rental company here.

@@@ Suburbansam,
I do thank you for your message.

Actually, I'm looking to rent a car in Manama and go with it to Saudi and back to Bahrain oftently, as will be based in Manama.

I've found Budget rental cars which provide authorization paper and insurance to drive in Eastern KSA for BR 15 per month.

Now, my remaining concern is the bridge customs as i will not have residency in both countries and in Paris Saudi Embassy, they say that visas provided in France are for entry by air only.
Anyone who have experience in that case for customs?


That visa restriction is possible but I doubt anyone will know for sure. Unfortunately that's the way things work here. It may be that the first time you enter you need to do so by air but then you can travel over the bridge. However, it may be that you can come in over the bridge the first time with no problems.

Please note that your third party insurance is NOT provided for Saudi Arabia. What your car rental company gives you is insurance for your vehicle. It is NOT insurance for the other vehicle that hits you or the people in it and if it is your fault (which it will probably be if a Saudi hits you) then you will have to pay.

Before you go through the toll,  you need to buy third party insurance at a booth on the right. Trust me, everyone gets this wrong the first time.

Thanks for your help Suburbansam !

Dear Help me
I want to go two days Bahrain. with Rent a Car its Possible and no. If yes what requirements please help me.
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Yep need to get a NOC from the rental company and insure it.

Rental car companies will only give NOC to residents of Bahrain. So if you are on a visit visa, you are out of luck.


hello Bro,

am planning to go on a ride to Bahrain from Manama via a rental car.

my rental car agency said that they may not support!

Is there anyway I can get it done by myself to take the car to Bahrain ?

thanks, Sri

I have already answered before.  It is 100%, the decision of the rental car company whether to allow you to take the car to Saudi or not.  If they don't, there is nothing you can do.