Sports in Australia

Hello everyone,

The Olympic Games are now just a few days away and we would like to talk about sports.

What sports are the most popular and/or unusual in Australia?

Are sports facilities easily accessible there? Where and how can one find sports clubs in the region?

Are there sports events regularly held in the country?

And you? What is your favourite sport? Which one(s) do you practice in Australia?

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Sport in Aus.
Facilities are everywhere.  Thats the amazing thing about Aus.  The smallest of towns would have a golf course.
Popular sport:  One should distiguise between spectator and playing sport.
Spectator Sport: That is their "footy" games. All forms of Rugby, followed by soccer (football). In rugby its a class thing as well. NRL - worker class game. Rugby Union - Upper class. AFL - Australian (must be Australian to know what going on)
Sport is written big in Australia. from Netbal  to surfing to Gym. You name it, they play it.
I play Tennis and Golf at senior level competitively,  it is so well organised, with tournaments in every State.

Downside. To go and watch big events or play at State level, IT'S FAR TO TRAVEL.

One of the most popular sports is also cricket. Australia has always had one of the top cricket teams in the world.  In the the seventies Australia's Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thompson were two of the fiercest opening bowlers in the world along with fellow countrymen and brothers Ian and Greg Chappell who were two of the best batsman in the world. In those days Test matches were always exciting to watch. Gosh, I'm showing my age....

No problem with your age and memory. It's my era  as well. I did forget Cricket.  It was a lady whom posed the question and did not think that noble sport would interest her

Thanks  for your info