The must-try activities in Australia

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Moving to Australia is an exciting opportunity to discover a new culture and try things you might not even have heard of before. To make sure other expats and expats-to-be do not miss a thing, would you be able to answer the following questions on activities not-to-be-missed in Australia?

What are the activities everyone must try at least once in Australia?

What are the activities that one should partake in if they want to discover the local culture?

Are there any activities that are characteristic of Australia?

Do you have an anecdote to share about any of the activities listed above?

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If I had 3 activities to bucket list it would be experience the variety of Australia by:

- doing a resort dive in Far North Queensland - that is scuba dive at a shallow depth with supervision and limited training required. Do this off one of the outer platforms on the Great Barrier Reef where there is warm clear water, coral, fish and white sands. Good visibility and safe as you literally walk down stairs from a floating pontoon and swim down maybe 4 metres deep to the bottom of the coral and sand. About 20 - 30 minutes. You can experience negative buoyancy where you can effortlessly hover and spin in the water. So peaceful. No surf waves to worry about.

- in contrast, visit the outback in the Northern Territory from Alice Springs to Devils Marbles, Ormiston Gorge and Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock) and camp outdoors overnight to appreciate the air, stars and energy in this beautiful place. Unusual desert sands and red tick. A lot like Sedona but different. Spot an emu, echidna, kangaroo and many other animals and wonderful bird life.

- after experiencing the barrier reef and outback, explore Jenolan Caves near the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. These show caves are ancient underground natural wonders. A day trip from Sydney, overnight is better. There are many different caves. Each one with a different atmosphere. You can also listen to orchestral and choral performances on special occasions.

I've done each of these things and they are wonderful, vivid memories.

Regarding local culture, celebrate the public holidays - especially Australia Day and ANZAC Day. Wherever you live, find out where the special events are and join in. You will feel Australian and sense the national pride.

Visit Sunday fresh food markets and enjoy local food and if you visit Sunday markets where they sell handmade items there's sure to be good live music as well.

New Years celebrations at the fireworks especially the early event st about 9:09pm is great for open air fining in a picnic rug.

Annual agriculture fairs with lots of animals and amusement rides. Like the Brisbane EKKA and the Sydney Royal Easter Show. See the pride of the farmers. Prize bulls and sheep.

Outback and country Rodeos and festivals with fun and beer in the sun.