Moving to Ruwais, need your help

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having an amazing day.

I am a French 21-year-old woman and I just accepted a French Teacher position in Ruwais, Abu Dhabi.

I did some research on the place and I have to admit that I am not so enthusiastic, so I am bit worried. I've always lived in busy cities and I enjoy it, I am afraid to get bored. However, I read that this place is constantly changing so I guess that's a good thing.

I am not sure I can take my driving exam before I leave. Is it okay not to have a car there ? How long does it take to have a driving license and how complicated is it ?

There is so much I don't know, I don't really know what I should ask. If you live or still live there can you please tell me all I need to know ?

Thank you all very much !

Hey Kenza,
sorry for the late reply, i just saw this post
I happen to live in ruwais 
if you are still confused and need some answers i'd be glad to show you around



Alors Ruwais? J'arrive bientot aussi. Je ne sais pas si tu y es encore, si ça vaut le déplacement ?? Haha

A bientot !

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I am currently living at RUWAIS since 2008 😊

Hi everyone,

I came back last month from Ruwais after living there for a year hopefully my feedback will be useful to the people who will leave for Ruwais in the future.
Overall I'd say Ruwais is a good place to live in. It is quite safe and clean. I used to live in J3  ,the building for single women, it was big, well furshined and every time I had an issue I could just call Adnoc and someone would come and fix it during the day. When I came here one year ago asking for your help I told you I was a bit afraid to be bored because I come from a big city. Indeed, I was bored, really bored. The mall was basically thing available to me if I wanted to kill time. But even the mall is small and wont keep you busy very long... I know some people keep busy joining groups of women though... There are gym facilities too which is nomeice. The thing that probably annoyed me the most was the fact that from Ruwais everything seemed so complicated to do. Like if you need some specific documents you should go to Abu Dhabi even if you need to see a specific doctor or to have a specific injection you should go to Abu Dhabi... Transportation is fine, but it would be better if we could have more than one bus/hour. Overall as I said its a nice place to live on but some things still need to be more developed which I am sure they will do soon !

Thank you so much Kenza for your feed-back.
Looking forward your private message.

Im gonna have a car there normal. Hopefully it will help to escape from the boring side of Ruwais ...

Thank you for posting about your experience! I am considering taking a job in Ruwais soon. I was hoping you could answer a question. Are dogs allowed in the city? I cannot leave for a year without my dog. Thank you!


As far as I know, dogs are not allowed. Some people managed to get cats but dogs no unfortunately.

Hi how are you i am Farooq from Abu Dhabi you need help for going ruwais.
Please contact us i know ruwais area

Hello,  i got a job offer in Ruwais, trying to look for flat for rent but I cannot find, what do you think? how can I know if there are available flats or villas for rent over there

Did you find accommodation over there?

Hello,, we are looking to move to ruwais,
I have 3 children and 3 pets.
I know for sure housing complex does not allow pets. Is there a way we can rent a villa or a house. We cannot live with out our pets.
Thank y’all!

Can you please let us know if there is a pet boarding, veterinarian or pet store?
And are there any villas or houses for rent?
We live in the USA  and not able to get proper information.

Hi guys ,
My name is Po and I am from India currently looking for some job opportunity in Dubai. I got an email from ruwais private school stating that I have been selected for the teaching role .I got interviewed at ruwais over telephone . Now they are asking me to contact to process my visa .
I contacted the agency and they are asking me for 1950USD for one time visa processing fee (which will be refunded after 3 days) under construction expatriate health policy under UAE labour law .  Now my question is is it even legit ?? Doesn't company sponsor visa in UAE ?? Please guide me so that I can take decision .

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