Hello Friends , my name is  Shabil and I am from India Kerala, I am going to share my experience that how I took a Automatic  light vehicles driving license in Abu-Dhabi on my first try itself (golden chance) .

What is a golden chance and who is eligible?
Those who are already having a driving license in their home country which people are eligible to apply for driving license by golden chance. For the golden chance, they give only direct road test for only one chance. golden chance does not contain any parking test, area test, bridge test like no other kinds of stuff. remember that if you failed in the first test you need to starts from the initial so more careful on First Try.

Document Required
1. Arabic No Objection Certificate from HR ( according to the category of visa only - not required for
    clerk and above level visa)
2. Arabic Translated home Driving license from Typing centers  ( not required embassy signature)
3. Clear Passport Copy
4. Clear Visa Copy
5. Emirates ID
6. Original Indian licence ( they will check while file opening - if stamp on the  licence is not clear they will ask for embassy attestation on arabic translation of licence)

Visit Emirates driving company in mussafah to open a driving file and First, you need to test eye with the cost of Dhs.100 after eye test goes to the recipient to get your token for documents verifications. after documents verification, you need to open the file through AD Police application so you need to carry credit or debit card to pay Dhs.200 for file opening.

After successful file opening, you need to visit next building to book your Theory classes it takes Dh 871 and you need attend Mandatory eight hours theory class it takes four days or less as by your opinion. on the last date of theory classes, you need to book your theory test. A test will be conducted by Computer and oral. for this, my opinion is computer test was easy.

For the theory class its better to take your mother tongue language( malayalam, hindi are available).
theory is a simple exam, just listen the in the class while they taking class, the sign boards learn from the book, there will be 4 or 5 questions from sign board. other questions you can easily answer just need simple logic.( safety is main concern keep this in mind you can attend every question )

After passing theory test opens AD Police app(available in Playstore & App Store) and there was an option issue try date. for that, you need to pay Dhs.115 and they will send trainer card to given address. for the direct road test(Golden Chance) no mandatory practical training class but you should take at least 8-10  training class before try. if you are not confident go for more classes its better to go to the trainers of your mother tongue it will help you to easily understand. ( if you are taking total 8 class it will be better to take 2 class from different trainer, view point will be different for everyone you can learn more by doing this)

on your Try date, you need to visit the same building where you open your file and give you trainer card in reception and they give a token for your bus for that you need to pay Dhs.40 after that they pick you through a bus to the road for your try. the Try test contains only two minutes (if you take training before Try test you know that what you want to do in your try test)  after your try chance, they inform your result through SMS to your register mobile number.


Try to find in a friend in the bus talking with him will helps  both of you to reduce the stress. the simple and most important thing is dont be afraid and be confident, if you are confident 90% you will the test.
before leaving from bus and going for the try just check the condition of traffic and distance to the next round about. traffic is moderate you can go ( dont wait till no vehicle on the road- it will never happen)
if there is enough gap (lets say more than 200m) you can go without doubt ( if there is less gap and more traffic - and if your instructor tell you to take U- turn or left turn it will be difficult to change the lines in that short gap - there is  chances to make mistake ).

if the vehicle is in emergency parked condition with hazard on. enter the vehicle dont forgot to wish the instructor, SMS check  ( dont take much time ) after putting the left indicator switch off hazard light move little front and  off the indicator. the next thing is parking or stopping if you are told to stop and there is no parking place nearby you need to do the emergency parking ( some instructors will not specify emergency parking- behave according to the situation). if you are emergency  parking the vehicle put the right indicator first  look the back mirror put the hazard on if there is no vehicles immediatly near to you dont go more distance stop vehicle smoothly. ( important thing is in emergency parking the gap should not be more than one feet and vehicle should be straight position)
if parking is in the parking bay there should be enough gap to get down for the person on the non driving seat.

if your result is Pass you need to open AD Police App and there was an option issue driving license for that you need to pay Dhs.315 within 4 days they send your license through mpost.

Dont keep in my mand that Police will fail you intentionally they are very polite and good personality people the only thing is they need only good drivers on the road.

I passed my theory and road test on the first try,
completed whole the process in less than one month.

I wish you a Good Luck and may God Bless You Thank you.

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