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Hi every one. I planned to move in Cambodia.
Might be in couple  of months this year.
Where  will be the best place to stay and for an easy living and where  i can find place to work as well . Hope you can help me with that.

Hello G_lyn13! :cheers:

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I invite you to read out this guide : Living in Cambodia guide as well as browse the Cambodia Forum by categories to gather information about where you would preferably live.



Just for your information. If you like a crowded place, Phnom Penh, the capital city is your best choice. But if you like a quiet place, Siem Reap is a best place ever.


Phnom Penh is just too crowded for my taste.  I found Sihanoukville to be lot more accommodating.  It has wonderful beaches, and I personally found the costs of living to be slightly less.  What kind of job are you looking for in Cambodia?

there are many websites for information and direct contact via chat apps.

I' m looking for a job in PP..currently I'm from Philippines..please help me to find a better job.

What job ?  And what can you speak?let me kbow

i want job..i live in philippines..i can speak english..i went there in cambodia las t 2009

Hello , what job do you prefer?

Hi everyone > for job search, please create your CV in the Jobs in Phnom Penh section. Thank you.

I want a job that fits on my experience as im currently  working as an office staff

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