KO YO Island Songkhla

Hello everyone I am looking for information about this ko yo island if anyone been there like to chat with you, as far as I know there no foreigner living there and loaded with very cheap seafoods and relaxing place very cheap rental if anyone been there please tell us your experience

Hello, I live near there, there are a couple of foreigners living on there too :) there is even a bar called sunset bar which is owned by foreigners. Yeah it's a very chilled little island, extremely close to Songkhla! Great food and a few cute coffee shops too!

Hi Colas,
it very nice to hear someone live close-by are you living in Songkhla? I am going to manage the resort in ko yo Island the owner want to promote the ko yo Island to the world. good to know there are foreigners and have bar :)

I'm living in Hat Yai :) Ko Yo is beautiful :)

do not know but I am willing to find out to

Can you help me please I'm looking for info on the best British/international schools in Songkhla or hatyai and the best areas to live. Relocating from Brunei later this year

search on google I see 3 school in hatyai Bloomsbury International School Hatyai

Oooh, Bloomsbury...ugh.

Check out Southern International School in Hat Yai.  It's only been open a couple of years, so the classes are still relatively small, the teachers are all native-English speakers and they use an international curriculum.

I make my home in Hat Yai, as well.  We often go to Kho Yo to get batik clothes and sarongs, for which it is locally famous.

Good luck.

HI there - over a year since you posted asking about Ko Yo, but I thought I would ask -                         How is/was Ko Yo island ?!!   I am thinking of moving soon from Phuket to Songkhla and am intrigued with the possibility of renting a place there on Ko Yo, I would love any info. or experiences.  Thanks!!  well wishes   Elizabeth

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