KO YO Island Songkhla

Hello everyone I am looking for information about this ko yo island if anyone been there like to chat with you, as far as I know there no foreigner living there and loaded with very cheap seafoods and relaxing place very cheap rental if anyone been there please tell us your experience

Hello, I live near there, there are a couple of foreigners living on there too :) there is even a bar called sunset bar which is owned by foreigners. Yeah it's a very chilled little island, extremely close to Songkhla! Great food and a few cute coffee shops too!

Hi Colas,
it very nice to hear someone live close-by are you living in Songkhla? I am going to manage the resort in ko yo Island the owner want to promote the ko yo Island to the world. good to know there are foreigners and have bar :)

I'm living in Hat Yai :) Ko Yo is beautiful :)

do not know but I am willing to find out to

Can you help me please I'm looking for info on the best British/international schools in Songkhla or hatyai and the best areas to live. Relocating from Brunei later this year

search on google I see 3 school in hatyai Bloomsbury International School Hatyai

Oooh, Bloomsbury...ugh.

Check out Southern International School in Hat Yai.  It's only been open a couple of years, so the classes are still relatively small, the teachers are all native-English speakers and they use an international curriculum.

I make my home in Hat Yai, as well.  We often go to Kho Yo to get batik clothes and sarongs, for which it is locally famous.

Good luck.

HI there - over a year since you posted asking about Ko Yo, but I thought I would ask -                         How is/was Ko Yo island ?!!   I am thinking of moving soon from Phuket to Songkhla and am intrigued with the possibility of renting a place there on Ko Yo, I would love any info. or experiences.  Thanks!!  well wishes   Elizabeth

I've been pretty much all over in Thailand. I was most recently on Kho Yo last Christmas. Kho Yo is a largely unknown treasure in Songkhla. The seafood is the best Thai Cuisine for seafood in the world.
There are no real beaches there - suggest going to Samilla via  the north bridge, heading east,  and taking the ferry across - it drops you right near Samilla Beach. I first visited Kho Yo 10 years ago and fell in love with the laid back atmosphere. The west side of the island is pure rural Thailand. Very little traffic . I would recommend a visit to the monestary. The Thai art and views of the area are outstanding.
Yes there are a few expats on the island. If I had to describe a similar place in the US I would say Bainbridge island in Washington state. Some of the rubber plantations have subdivided into neighborhood plots with close neighbors. There are beautiful custom homes on the island as well.
The temperatures are a little cooler on Kho Yo than in Hat Yai or the rest of the mainland. It can get cool at night (by Thai standards).

Thanks for sharing this! Have just booked on PhuketFerry with their discounted ferry trips to Hat Yai and I look forward to visiting Ko Yo Island in December. A friend of mine who visited there last year said that the island is beautiful.

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