Commuting between Pretoria and Johannesburg

We have a 13 years old son. We are about to join Pretoria (next summer).
We are french and want to make our son follow studies in a french college.
Is it possible to live in Pretoria and drive each day our son to Johannesbourg? It doesn't seem so far on a map, and I have seen only one french college (Jules Vernes)for both towns (Pretoria and Johannesbourg).
Thank you for your attention.

yes it is possible to travel between Pretoria and Johannesburg is about 50km apart, but there is  heavy traffic early in the morning between the 2 cities, which could mean that you have to leave home quiet early.  With the high fuel costs and toll fees it may also not be such a vaible option.

A highspeed train service (Gautrain) would be availble soon between Pretoria and Johannesburg, so depending on where you stay and where the school are located this maybe the route to follow

Yes it is however you will be stuck in traffic most mornings.