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Toon wrote:

always worth a punt

or a pint!

F0xgl0ve wrote:
Toon wrote:

not sure Ray - i dont download at all now..

I'll try adjusting the settings and see!


It made no difference to downloads!


tearnet wrote:
Toon wrote:

always worth a punt

or a pint!


Hey, there are other best add-ons available out there. never trust any addons completely. Always have something up your sleeve.

Add-ons come and go now with many being threatened with prosecution so having a 'best add-on' can be  short lived.
Recently I find 'Fantastic' and 'Genesis Reborn' to be quite good but even using 'Real Debrid' the streams are not that good a quality.
For IPTV the list of providers is endless, I use one at €5.00/month and another at €25.
You tend to get what you pay for and using a Mag Box is best, if TV is all you want.


Get Google Chromecast and use www.firstonetv.net


Anyone who uses Kodi or XBMC to watch TV and movies should be aware that the recent upgrade to Version 5 of the Genesis add-on will disable your ability to download anything.

If you truly wish to continue downloading from Genesis, If You want [link moderated] then visit to it.

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