Looking for an apartment in or around Nantes


I'm looking for an apartment in or around Nantes. I've contacted so many people with no luck. I speak French, but not very well. People are impatient and fast talking. Maybe you can put me in touch with people (English speaking) who live in Nantes. I'm not a student, French resident, will begin work in Nantes 1 octobre.
Let me know if you can help!

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Hello speakenglishwithme,

You may drop an advert in the Flats for rent in Nantes section of the website to make your demand more accessible.

Good luck,  :)

Thank you Bhavna!

Hi, "speak..;" !

As you seem to move beginning october , you have some time to prepare it.

Just a suggestion to all of you who would try to get a "neutral , free and very good source of info" about letting in France could be to contact a student (see association of ancient students and... actual : a very good net about all real estate topics wheter lettings, acquisitions, evaluation of a property a.s.o) who followed the educational program of I.C.H ( = Institut de la Construction et de l"Habitat).
if they are nice enough they could "assist" you at meeting, readind before signature to give you advices and lift up snaggs. Less pb expected, at the end of your journey... not nice to live a country with the feeling of being "scamed".

ICH which is the best educational road to good jobs in French Real Estate.

By the way a lot of them ending their program are preparing (after) a post follower program as a "chartered surveyor" so lot of them are fluent english speakers and of course they could explain precisely any trap or snagg when renting a flat, a house, or aquiring a property. Even specialised on insurance, work renovation and compliance to laws.
But remember, their main topic is fondamentally "legal" one. Not building itself , I mean Technical or architecture topic. Just the legal environment  about real estate.But the french one is quite different compared to english or american one - even german or north european countries.

Last info : just for those who are able to understand correctly french language : a very good writing (and on net too...) source  is the revue called "le particulier" especially their "general files / resumes on a special topic" such has
"letting : what are the rules ?" , "acquisition : what's should you know ?" - "co-owning new reform consequences" - " commercial renting " - "insurances" - " charges what is due ? by who ? "etc...
They're publishing on very precise topics all over real estate matters and problems. Price is very cheap compared to quality of informations provided ( very serious and the "top" day-to-day legal following in France).
Inside you'll find very precise info , hierarchically structured (as a cursus for students) to understand clearly all about a question.
Even if you're not a lawyer. it's made for common and average people.
I mean not specialised guys in legacy , awared of laws and rules. (as i was, but their "synthetic" exposure of every topic, is a real help even for students).
i do think it will be very usefull to feel "safe and secure" about this topic when you have a look and just ask a few question to "specialists" after about what you couldn't catch : you'll have the "frame" of legacy in mind and the vocaburarly and main differences with your country .
Especiallly for people who are expecting to stay for a long time in this country. 

Well I hope this will serve to all of you ... to feel confident.


As a fellow English-speaker living in Nantes (and in France since 1998, so the lingo isn't exactly a problem) I may be able to help out. I moved to Nantes last summer (to rent) and then moved just a few months ago to another address in Nantes, so I have a bit of recent previous...!

Feel free to get in touch.

I wish you good luck .       :top:


Did you tried some places for rent apartments?

1) ouestfrance 
http://www.ouestfrance-immo.com/immobil … /?tri=date

there are apartments in Nantes for around 350 an up. Depend what are you looking.

2) Seloger

http://www.seloger.com/immobilier/locat … partement/

There are other places.

Hope this help you.

Hello speakenglishwithme,

Saw your post just now. You ve succeeded in finding accommodation? There's a decent apartment in ile de Nantes (Beaulieu) up for grabs. Leave a message if you are interested.


Hello everyone,

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All the best

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