Looking for English speaking property agents in Nantes

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I am looking for a flat to rent in central Nantes and wonder if anybody knows of any English-speaking property agent (or perhaps, owner). Any info anyway of getting started with the search (in English) would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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You can take a look at this article -> Accommodation in France.

To note that you have the Housing in Nantes section at your disposal where you could post an advert.

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Hello there, freshly arrived in Nantes? Are you a student? Do you have an accomodation now? Hostel, Hotel?
Well  give me a little bit of informations about you and the reason you are in Nantes and for how long. Obviously, you don't speak French at all. Wher are you from?
Myself, I don't live there, but I do have a couple friends, they speack English.

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I have been having a look around online and have found a good number of letting agents in the Nantes area. I would appreciate if someone could answer a few questions for me. One being, how does it work re paying the first months rent and deposit? Is there a commission charged by the letting agent on top of this? Also, I have heard that it is quite a rigorous procedure you must go through renting in France? I am hoping to move in September. Any advice at all is appreciated :)

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@Annamia : Until you get the right information, i invite you to check out the Housing in Nantes section, so as to get to know the market price and some other useful information to you.