Marriage in Albania (UK girl and ALB boy)

Hello All - Miredita!

I am a British girl living in Uk and my Albanian partner and I wish to marry in Albania very soon.
Can anyone explain the process and documents required.
I have already ordered a Certificate of no impediment from my local registry office to confirm I am free to marry, I have a UK passport and an original birth certificate.
I think I need to get these apostilled and I will do before I fly to Tirana and take them with me.

Once there what do we need to do?
What documents does he need to show? He has a new biometric Alb passport, does he need anything else?

What is the process and estimated costs?
Can we marry anywhere in Albania?


I wish You a happy and a strong marriage. It is not easy and with a lot of responsibilities.

First tell me, where is he from? From which town? I will go to ask about documents that are required in this case.

I will write to you again.

Best wishes

Hi Anila,

Thank you.
He is from Durres.


I hope You are well. I went today and asked for You.
You will need these documents:

1- Birth certificate with apostilled stamp
2- Permission for marriage, legalized by apostilled stamp
3- Note of residence, legalized by apostilled stamp
4- Photocopy of ID card for both future spouses

You will pay 10 Dollars.

I hope I have helped You.

Best Wishes

Hi Anila,

Thanks you so much for your response and your help, very kind of you.
What is a Note of residence?

And would a copy of passport be the same as the ID card?


note of residence means with other words:

(endorsement, indorsement, confirmation of dwelling place (place you live).

I think it will be OK, the same with copy of passport.

Thank you again Anila.
I think maybe a utility bill or tenancy agreement could be proof of address.

My partner went to Tirana today and to apply for visa after marriage he has to do an English test. He's booked for September.

With regards to the actual wedding do we have to give 11 days notice? That's what I have heard.

This is not good because it means I must go for long weekend, give notice, then go back again to marry.

Also this agency place that my partner went to said its over 2 thousand euros for a visa but he will get within 3 months.
I guess they must be agents that check all the paperwork is in order.

He tells me the weather is great there and there are many tourists in durres at the moment but he's missing the UK now!

I would love to go to Albania now but I have to wait to get all my documents etc and the flights are very expensive in August and September.

Can we marry on a Sunday in Albania?
I ask because my birthday is in October on a Sunday and I would like that date of possible.

Thanks for all ur help x

We gave 11 days notice but i did not need to be there we married in Tirana balthore.
We also used an agency who were on but a waste of money as we are now appealing against a refusal.It is a long process.I totally get the flight prices i work in a airport and its still crazy me and my husband are having a long weekend in Durres end of September due to crazy prices I havent seen him since May :(
My husband paid £1300 approx for the visa application and were now on around £2000 for the appeal.
Im British and im ashamed at how they treat people who do the process correctly.My husband was in the Uk illegally but removed himself.

Any questions i dont mind trying to help


I hope everything will go well. We do the wedding ceremony on Sunday.
I wish you live together in London, Here is life a little bit difficult.

Durres is very beautiful, It is true. I like Durres too much. I live in Tirana. It is 20 Minutes far from Durres. I go there often at the weekend.

When you come write to me, i would like to have a coffee.

All the Best and a Nice Wedding!

Thanks Anila,

He isn't enjoying being in Durres now. He has spent the last 4 years in London and he and I miss each other too much.
He says life is difficult there, his family rely on him a lot to help financially so its even more difficult now he's stuck there.

For sure I will let you know when I go to Durres and we can meet up.
Again, many thanks for all your help and input
I wish all the best to you too x

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