Need Help - Is 6500 SGD a good salary to move to Singapore

Hello All,

I have got offer from an IT firm in Singapore as a contractor for 1 year extendable. Is 6500 SGD is good salary for a family with 6 year old kid.

If 6500 SGD is not good salary then what will be good salary to move with wife and 6 year old kid?

Requesting you to please help me.



reasonably a good offer for you.
Where is your work place and where are you intending to stay?


Thanks for reply.
My workplace is Changi business park.Could you please suggest where should I stay so that my work place and my son's school should not be far.


I have to disagree with Paulkriba:
S$6500/month is not a lot for a family of three.
The average Singapore household income for such a family is just below S$10000/month - and locals usually pay no rent and much lower school fees.
Singapore is one of the most expensive places on earth.
You need to budget S$3000/month rent and S$1500/month school fee (international school, as getting foreign kids into local schools is difficult). If you live frugally, you can survive with the remainder, but there will be no savings.

Changi Business Park is near the Eastern end of Singapore. International schools tend to be around the city centre or in the North of Singapore, but some also exist in the East (e.g. the Japanese school).

Hahaha....I Disagree with beppi
You cannot compare an apple with a pear firstly. Household income cannot be compared with single income. If you wanna compare both husband and wife working then possibly it could be 10k- which is still possible for you if your wife goes to work.
In comparing the locals with expats beppi didnt compare the locals IT salary with the expats? That alone will tell u that 10k is an exorbitant amount! Again you cant compare the locals purchasing a flat or condo for couple of hunderds of thousand to expats renting it at just 3k. Its only natural that if the locals are paying so much to buy a flat there is no rental costs to them! So there is no basis to compare.
Obviously there are international schools in the east- and UWC is one of them and there is another in Changi area although could not recollect.
Indeed Singapore is very costly to live but with a $6500 you can live reasonably within your means, depending on your lifestyle.

Paulkriba: I really wonder if you ever lived in Singapore as a foreigner with family?
S$6500 is not a high salary. Please consider: From this he will have to pay income tax of approx. S$200, rent of S$3000, school fees of S$1500 - then the remainder is S$1800/month or S$600 per person. For me, this won't be enough for groceries, transport, household and personal expenses, etc., but I know that others manage (although barely). There is definitely no room for any luxuries, entertainment, travel (even home trips) or savings.

The cost structure does look different for locals (I assume you are one), who buy their HDB flats at subsidized rates, service the mortgage from CPF and pay less tax, rent, school fees etc. - then the salary is sufficient for a reasonable lifestyle!

Beppi is right .
Simple words
Your salary should be 10,000 SGD per month for a family of 3.
Single 5000 k.
Rest details I have messaged you.with regards to transport accommdation schools and other details with regards to districts

Rightfully the expenses for each his own!  Again there are many who are able to and whom i know of.
Perhaps you may wanna advice which company is paying 10k if any.

paulkriba wrote:

Perhaps you may wanna advice which company is paying 10k if any.

I attached below a number of links to Singapore salary surveys, from which you can see that there are quite a number of jobs (in IT and elsewhere) that pay S$10000/month and more. … 202015.pdf … 246460.pdf … y-2015.pdf … ;utm_term=

A quote from the MoM website (based on data collected in 2012):

Jobs paying less than $12,000 a month cover about 94% of the local workforce

This means that, in 2012, 6% of the workforce earned S$12000/month or more.
Considering a standard statistical distribution and a cumulative wage increase of 14% since 2012, I estimate that today 15±2% of the Singapore workforce earns S$10000/month or more. That is one out of every 7 employees!

Looks like beppi has answered your question paul. :lol:  :D
Vikas is working in the it sector .which pays well.

The five highest-paying sectors in Singapore are banking and finance; oil, gas and petrochemicals; pharmaceuticals; semiconductors; and, information technology

Network and systems engineers can make up to $4,000 to $7,000,
while application development consultants can earn up to $5,000 to $7,000
Financial accountants can earn up to $4,500 to $9,500.
Supply chain managers can earn up to $5,000 to $14,000
Compliance managers can make up to $10,000 to $12,500.

Industries that are expected to hire are banking & finance, life sciences, supply chain, procurement and logistics

In banking and finance: there is demand for staff managing compliance and risk management.
Compliance managers can expect to earn $10,000 to $12,500 monthly
Risk managers can look forward to salaries of $12,500 or more
relationship managers. They can expect to earn $7,500 to $18,000 per month.

In healthcare: With eight of the top 10 pharmaceutical and medical technology firms basing their headquarters in Singapore,  demand is  for those with expertise in the laboratory, technical sales and regulatory affairs

Paul  :dumbom: you should apply in these  sectors .

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