Is Sannabis area Shia or Sunni area? Which area is considered Sunni?


I am relocating to Bahrain and got  confused on accommodation. I was considering Abraj al Lulu-Sanabis but received mixed views. One agent said its completely safe other said its not at all due to 2011 incident.

Please advise, is it safe to stay in Sanabis area?is it considered as Shia area or Sunni?

What about below which of below is considered as sunni area ?(for apartment out of compound):

- Janabiya
- Adliya
- Tubli



Come down to Bahrain, see it for yourself and then decide, that's the best thing to do.

good luck!


The best residential area in Bahrain from all points of view is ADLIYA.

As an expatriate, please do not analyse areas as shia-sunni etc..All bahrainis are great people ..the predominent expatriate areas are ADLIYA--JUFFAIR--HOORA--GUDAIBIYA--UM AL HAASAM and SEEF.

Primary considerations of ---distance to work, commuting time, facilities in building, type of accomodation should be looked at only.

Hope this helps you.

(PS: I get your point..avoid budaiyya, Sanabis , and Jiddhafs.(my personal opinion based on 9 yrs stay in bahrain..) ..Abraj al LULU is in Sanabis)


you are right all bahrainis must be nice i classified shia/sunni areas for the sake of getting info on safe areas for expats, leaving this subject here ...

Can you or somebody comment on Abraj lulu... area and facilities wise, is this ok to proceed with this? any known pros & cons?

oh, was writing reply while you already clarified... thanks.

The best way is to come down to Bahrain and then make a decision, like logical Indian has suggested.

Abraj Lulu is a nice place to live, but can be inconvenient to get in and out sometimes, because of a number of checkpoints. Sanabis is ok to live in, but sometimes roads can get blocked due to tyre burning and similar acts of vandalism.

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