I need some new mates!!!


I have just moved over from the UK to Sydney with my partner.  Loving it so far however, my visa is still being processed so I can't work and I know this is the main way we make new friends.  My partner is from OZ and we were re-located with his work.  Therefore, he is at work all day and also travels alot! So I am often home alone :( We do have his family and friends in Newcastle and Sydney but it would be nice to make some of my own friends! Or meet couples to socialise with together. 

Any advice or fancy a coffee, drop me a line.

Cheers :-)

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Hi Natnat83 :) I am in the same boat -- moved to Sydney recently, partner is Aussie and always away for work.  Would love to meet up for a coffee or something stronger! Where are you in Sydney?


Yeah sounds like a good idea!! I'm living in St Leonards for the time being, where are you??  I could meet this week on Thursday evening or any time on Friday.  But what ever suits you really.

Thank you for contacting me :D

ps. like the idea of stronger! lol


I'm in Pyrmont -- walking distance to Darling Harbour.  Either night works for me, I'll send you a PM with contact details!

Does being male here get no responses? :-p Just trying to meet some people to go out with seeing as Sydney seems pretty up tight and cold. I live in the King St. Wharf area and hitting a hell of a lot of bar hasn't helped in making any friends.

Perhaps we could hit a bar some time?



Hi, how are you getting on with making friends. I will be moving to Sydney from the UK in a few months to join my boyfriend, and my job will be field based so fearful finding friends will be difficult.


Hi Sharon76,

Things are going well in Sydney.  I am now working and have made some good friends.  I have met a couple off this site too so I reccomend it!

You will make friends so don't worry.  Give me a shout when you are over.  Where about are you going to be living?

Good Luck! :-)

Hi all,

I have just seen your topic! I am new here in Sydney too (so many new people !). Like you, I am working all the week and I would be pleased to meet new people here in Australia to go out. Finding friends is always hard when you are new somewhere.

I am a nice French woman who is 23 years old. And I would love to have a drink with nice people!

Cheers :)

Hey NatNat83

should move over in 3 months not decided where we will live yet. Rent prices are shocking. Will definately message you when I settle in.