Does anybody understand the social security system in Austria??

I have set myself up as a freelancer in Austria - by far the most complicated, ridiculous, expensive, fractured and overcomplicated system I've ever had to deal with.
I have a steuerberater (currently away hence request for knowledge) and have received my e-card. I've also received a giant SVA pack with all the social security information. Unfortunately my German isnt great and even google translate can;t hep me decipher what I'm reading. From what I can tell I have to choose which pension on health insurance body will control my social security (what??). There are around 11 different ones named. That's as much as I understand. I have no idea how to do this and all the forms presented are not for self employed. I tried their website but I can't eve contact anybody until Ive chosen the governing body.

I'm completely lost. Does anybody have any idea what I do??

many thanks

Hi jtibbles,

I will look in to it and have to get back to you. Yes it is a mind field, nothing like the UK system.



Many thanks Simon.
(I'll never complain about the UK NIS system again)

Are you using Werkverträge? If so, you have to go with the SVA.....

Does this mean working contracts? I am a website developer so I make an agreement for the work required (always a one off job rather than a set amount of time to do anything) but I don't sign any contacts unless specifically required by the client. I am offered the work, provide a quote do the work, hand it over, invoice and get paid.

This link will give you the information you need … de=content

Its all in English

You can also get in contact with the Expat Center in Vienna. 

Ebendorferstraße 2
1010 Wien

T +43 1 4000 86 70

E info[at]

A PDF file which is also worth having is this.... about 140 pages, but will give you all the info you need to know. … s_2015.pdf

Thanks all. I'll have a long read tonight

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