Accomodation Proof for Dependent Visa


I have received the work permit for Poland and I want to take my wife along with me. I would like to know is it possible to take her with me since I am also going for the first time in Poland. I wish to apply for her dependent visa along with mine national visa.My Company is going to provide me 1 month hotel lodging(extendable to 6 month) during which I have to search for a flat for me

It is mentioned in the list of documents for dependent visa that she would need to submit relevant document confirming the legal residence of the family member in Poland (work permit). I have a work permit and I have receipt of accommodation for the initial 1 month of our stay and I will apply for residence permit and search for permanent once I reach Poland. In this situation is it possible for her to get the VISA and what proof do I submit for legal residence in that case?

FYI: I am from India

I have the same question

Have you contacted the Embassy?

If you have document confirming your stay provided by company  , that should be enough to get dependent visa.  Just ask your company for all required documents. Rental agreement is not required for dependent visa.

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