Medical Test in India for Kuwait VISA stamping

Hi All,

Have anyone recently taken medical test from Khadamat Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd Medical centre for processing the VISA stamping process in INDIA.
I am looking for taking a medical tests for my dependents from Hyderabad centre.
Please let me know how long will it take for the tests, I came to know the its is taking more than a week for undergoing medical test.
Any reply and info on the medical tests is apperciated.


I took the medical test at the New Delhi center on May 27th
They will take the required charges (approx. INR 24K) and will send you to accredited hospitals. Mine was Apollo.
I got the report after 3 working days

All the best!

Thanks Dumpy for the reply.

By any chance do you have any details about the Hyderabad center, i need details about Hyderabad center.


Please refer their website for the location and timings

I have taken my medical tests(family visa) from Hyderabad, three months back
It doesnt take one week.
You have to go to GAMCA center to get a slip allotting a diagnostic center, where you have to take your medical tests.
It takes almost 3 to 4 hours depending on the medical center for the tests. You will get Fitness clearance by evening. I got it on the same day.

For me the biggest hurdle was to go GAMCA center and stand in the queue. Apart from that it takes one, maximum 2 days.
You can approach the following consultants for any help. They take care of all the visa procedure.
Trawellday Tours & Travels
Shop No.110
Opp. HDFC Bank
Himayath Nagar
Hyderabad, A.P. 500 029
Mr. Abdul Nazeer: Mob: 8019909466

Hope this helps you.

Hi Dumpy,

i don't see the website URL, please resend the same or you can message me privately.


Hi Kona,

From may-18 procedure for medical test to Kuwait visa stamping is changed.
We have to go to Khadamat Integrated Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for medical tests now for Kuwait only.
And these centers are available only in 4 cities in INDIA.


Oh really? Hope Hyderabad has one center too!

GAMCA is back for KUWAIT medical test in INDIA, there are more than 100 medical centers in INDIA.
Medical test fees is same as of other gulf countries 3600 RS.



from which centre you got the medical done in 3600/- as people are saying it cost around 24000/- these days, i am asking this as i also need to go through Medical Test Next week or So.

Pls advice.
Vikas Samota

Hi Vikas,

Pl find mentioned the link for the same and check with them. I recently did medical in Mumbai and the procedure was as follows:
Documents required for Medical:
Original passport, Visa. 5 passport size photos (white background) along with copies of the same.
I had to go to main GAMCA office in Mumbai and take a registration slip where a random clinic is assigned for every individual within Mumbai.
With the slip, go to the particular medical center and the same day the test is carried out. The fees for Kuwait was charged at Rs. 4000/-.

Next day or so, I got the results and then I had to collect the reports from the medical center and submit to the agent for VISA stamping (along with PCC).

So there should not be much difference for medical in Delhi :)
Hope this helps. If you still have any further queries, please do let me know.

Hi Sunny,

Thanks a lot for this elaborated sumed up all the info needed..!!

You went to Kuwait or you are planning to shift..?

We may keep in contact over what's up or something.

Vikas Samota

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I will be moving to Kuwait in a week or two. Lets keep in touch.

Hi friends,
Please let me know if you know medical centres in Bangalore for Kuwait and also help me to know any agent who can assist me for Visa stamping.


Guys Pls Check this Link Regarding Medical fee Hike for kuwait Visa stamping... … b-seekers/

Dear Vikash,

This is with Khadamat Integrated Solutions Pvt Ltd only, the fees of GAMCA is still same, and all the other cities except Delhi and Mumbai are having GAMCA.

The khadamat is not compulsory yet(till 11th Sep, 2015 it was not compulsory, now i don't know). Individual can go with GAMCA in other cities. May be in near future it will be maid compulsory but not sure as many complains are filed against the same.

hai. this is mounika. can anybody say that is there any possibility to do medical test in hyderabad and how much it costs...? bcz i heard recently on 27 of septemper 2015 onwards the medical test in hyd has been cancled so plz advice me about this...

Hi Mounika,
  Hey yes now for Kuwait medical test you need to go to Mumbai or Delhi for doing the test.
Please read the link below for details and you can contact any agents for more details in India … ;SECTION=0


24k u mean 24 thousand ??? or 2400 rs

K certainly does not denote 'Carat' so it should be 1000 :)

I had a heart surgery 14yrs back .I got job in Kuwait.Is there any issue in getting Fit certificate from GAMCA?

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hi all
iam charan from andhra pradesh tirupathi
i got kuwait visa
present iam doing job in mumbai
i can go for medical test khadamat integrated
in mumbai ?
please tell me it is emergency for me
please kindly help me

Yes it takes just 48 hrs after test to get your result if u r fit....very systematic...I had done the medical from Delhi and got the report just after 2 days....but the test fees is too high compare to Gamca.....hope everything is clear to you now.

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As far as i know GAMCA tests are not accepted in kuwait.
My medical was done in khadamat kochi center n it costed 12k. Results was ready in 2 days

Yes u can. U need to go wit ur visa n passport. They'll collect ur visa n stamp on it once ur medical is done

Hi all.. My cousin needs to travel to kuwait in family visa. But she was recently got infection in ear and has hearing loss in one ear.. Will this be an issue to get fit report? Does she need to present anything related to same?

Plz reply someone..

They won't check the hearing loss. No need to give any reports for that. As long as she acts normal, no worries.

thank you so much 😊

You're welcome :cheers:

Hy sir  medical karvaya  jisme hcv test  range 70 nonreactive aa rhi he to mera medical pass hoga kya

I thought it takes only one day then the report takes some time to come. I would also like to hv some info. Thank you.

Hello Everyone,

I got a job offer in Kuwait. Can someone please tell me the whole from starting till getting employment visa?

U can go at any corner of the India but gamca medical centers only it's in Chennai Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

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