Soccer Game Attendant (Turin)

We are looking for people that speak English, know the basics of football, are willing to go to soccer matches of Juventus and Torino and get paid to provide live updates by using key words. There is no problem if you already have a job because its only 2 hours of work, with very good payment per game.

If you are interested, please make contact for more information.

Thank you.

I hate football with a passion, seeing it as a game with 22 windbags chasing another windbag, watched by a few thousand referees.
However, if there's any work in Indonesia, call me.
I'll sell my grannie for any reasonable offer - well, any offer considering she's dead.

Other than that, you might have better luck popping an ad in the appropriate jobs section.
The posts there remain visible for longer, and you get potential employees actively looking for work in those sections.


Hi Livereporterx,

I am available to meet your demands.

I enjoy and play soccer, I also wrote everything soccer for a certain auxiliary pundit which I sadly had to suspend because I moved to Turin for studies.

Anyway, it will please you to know that I was at the Italy-England, Juve - Atleti, and Juve-Real (All-stars) games recently and my english level is native enough to provide well informed Serie A updates.

Let me know when you want us to start.