Looking for work in Italy

Hi im mae,a new member here... I'm coming to italy for vacation and try to find job anywhere in italy.Im from philippines, any work will do.Can anyone help me please? Thank you.

Hi Mae26,

Welcome to Expat-blog :).

I have created a new topic as from your post on the Turin forum for better visibility.

Can you please be more specific about the work/position you looking for :).

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Hi.... Thank you so much for the reply. As new I can work as a any of the following: factory worker,waitress,saleslady, cleaners, house helper, baby sitter. The position stated was been my working experience. Any related work will do for I believe work can be learned. Once again thank you.

Hello mae26.

The Jobs in Turin section could help. You can post an advert there. ;)

Good luck,

Hi Everyone,

I was trying to post a new topic for my question, but i don't know how to do...So here i am :-)
I am gonna move to Turin In September as Expat french contract (VIE).
But i have one question about how to find a job for my friend who is an engineering in mechanical.
Has he to speak Italian, which is not the case for now. He speaks French, fluent in English and Fluent in German.

Is someone could inform me about the best way to find a job for his profil in Turin. In average how many months did you spend findng a job ?

Thanks you for any feedback that anyone could make me!!
See you in September :-)


Hi Sohrana,

Please feel free to an advert with details about the skills and qualifications in the Engineering and technical services jobs in Turin section. This might be helpful. :)

Thank you,


Hi David,
Thx you so much for your help. But i think i Will contact the french chamber of commerce in Italia.
There is no much answers on the section that you adviced me.
But thx again.
Have a good Day.
Sohrana :-)

hi every
please am already at italy and new here but am finding it every had to speak the language over here,am a nigerian and a nurse by profession but am ready to do any kind of job till when am able to speak the language.Please can any one be for any assistance.

Hi agbogun rukevwe,

May be you might give us more information about the kind of job you are looking for, this might help us to guide you in your job search. Thank you! ;)



hi david
i just want any kind of job be it in my nursing profession or not, any job that can keep me going like cleaner,factory worker,house help,care of the aged etc.thanks for the reply

Hello agbogun rukevwe.

You should then post your CV in these sections; Personal and household services jobs in Turin and Nurse job offers in Turin.

Hope it helps.


Karen :)

thanks @karen

Hi everyone !! I'm Rim, I'm 21 and I'm Moroccan, I currently live in Fez, and I'm in my 4th year of studies at the National School of Business and Management with a specialization in "Financial Management and accounting. "I speak several languages​​: Arabic, French, English and Spanish. Currently, I am looking for an internship in Turin a period of 2 to 3 months, and I really admit that since I visited Milan and Turin, I really liked the two cities to point j I decided I spend my internship in one of them, if I finally found a training course, it is really not easy.
So I'm asking if someone could help me or just point me to know the firms in Turin, I would be very grateful.
Good day everyone.
Thank youuuu.

Hello,I'm from Bangladesh.How are you?
Actually I'm looking for a seasonal Visa in Italy.
I'm looking for any entry level job in Agricultural or Hotel & tourism sector.I need your help.
Can you help me?