Dutch Marketing & Communications professional looking for a job!

Ciao tutti!

Piacere! My name is Stefano and I am currently still living in The Hague (L'Aia) / The Netherlands (i Paesi Bassi). At this moment I am focussed on being a man with a mission: building a life in Torino! Why? Well it's just a matter of the heart. I have been wanting to spend a longer time in Italy for ages now and after visiting some cities Torino is where I feel most at home. A part of this 'next step in life' starts with finding a suitable job in Torino. I know, the economic situation in Italy still isn't that good. But I would like to take on this adventure anyway.

In my country I have been working as a Marketing, Communications and PR professional / Project Manager. It's my area of expertise, with a focus on the entertainment and cultural scene. I am a strong communicator, excellent in developing concepts, social media driven, have a talent for organizing, am a structured worker with a proactive and out of the box state of mind. It would be great if I could connect my working experience with a job in Torino... QUESTION: Does anybody here has some tips, tricks or advice to help me on my way a bit? Which (international) organizations are situated in Torino? Are there some webpages I should check out etc.? Any guidance would be much appreciated!

For more background information about me, please check my LinkedIn page:

> nl.linkedin.com/in/stefanoosthof/

> nl.linkedin.com/in/stefanoosthof/it

Looking forward to a reply, thanks in advance! 

Cordiali saluti,


Stefano if you are into network marketing I may have an interesting offer for you.

Hi Shama,

Thanks for your short message. I'm curious about your possible offer, so please tell me more about it! For my area of expertise you can view my LinkedIn-profile: nl.linkedin.com/in/stefanoosthof/ ... networking & marketing is surely something that grabs my interest!

Looking forward to your reply.


Send me your particulars and contact details in private.
I ll screen it and arrange for an interview in Milan.
Thank you.

Done! :)

Hi Stefano, I'm Russian and I live in Turin and I'm always happy to make friends with people from various coutries. I'd love to help you with you moving to Turin. I gues you'll have more chances looking for a job through linkedin.
I'll thinl a bit on what are other possibilities and will write you soon )


Ciao Elena!

Thank you for your message and how nice of you that you are willing to help me out a bit! Your effort is very much appreciated! As for possible jobs / positions: I'm also scanning LinkedIn and have also sent some applications to marketing and communications agencies in Torino. But until now without any succes. Of course I'll keep on trying, since I think taking a big step like this just takes some effort and patience. I can tell you a bit more about what I would be looking for, my specialties etc.... but will do this via a private message. I'm curious about your thoughts and advice and also why you decided to move to Torino. How is life treating you there? :) So, we'll be in touch then.

Saluti e buona serata!,