Italian courses in Turin and job opportunity

Hi I'll be moving to Turin to join my husband in Feb 2010.
I would like to know if anyone can recommend any good language centres or University for Italian courses.
I would like to hear from english speaking expats living in Turin- where or who do you go to for dental treatment, do you know of any dentists contact or dentists who would like to hire an english speaking dentist... I graduated from Ireland and have been working in Australia as a dentist for the last 4 years.
Thank you

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You can also post on the Turin classifieds.

Hope this helps
Good luck

I would like to move to Turin to learn my job better.  I would like to become a terrazzo and stone specialist.  Also to experience living in the most  beautiful country in the world!

Ciao, mi chiamo Yana, I am new person here, well, I am going to Torino nearest time, and would like to find a job there. I have big experience in casino.. agree to work in hotel, bar, restaurant..thank's for all who read it for attention )))

Hi all! I would like to work as a temp when i get to Turin for Dec and Jan,I understand and spk a little bit of Italian but I will be there for a long holiday,looking for friends who spk English :)

Hi, i'm a half French and half Italian woman living in Torino,i can answer your both questions :by giving your Italian private lessons at your home or mine(i'm fluent in English which lmay helps!)
apart if you want courses at an institute of course but i taught Italian in paris toa dults and students before (last year in Paris) and now i teach Italian here for strangers and French literature!
dentists yes i know a couple of dentists and know what they will have an Australian au pair next year.. if you want their name and attendees phone numbers an so i'll give them to you,i first want to make sure they do speak good English! (the woman is French)
I'm Flora (my firstname) !! when will be there ?in which district of the city will you be ?i'm living in Crocetta (close to downtown)hope to hear from YOu! welcome to The beautiful city of torino!

Hey! Nice of u to reply thanks! I will find out exatly which part of torino I will be,would love to meet for coffee:)!!HappyHolidays**