Just moved to Paris

If anyone is looking to go get a drink or go out to a club some night let me know.  I just moved here and am looking to meet new people :)

Hello Kerissa, welcome to Expat.com :)

Don't hesitate to browse the forum in search of useful information and who knows you might encounter other people in search of friends :)

Do also share your expat experience on the forum!


Hi Kerissa!
Hope you are enjoying Paris. I would recommend connecting to twitter to find out about what's going on in Paris and also looking at website such as gogoparis.com to find out about events in the capital (including club nights). There are other sites dedicated purely to club listings but these are in French (gogoparis is in English!).
Hope this helps!

Hi Kerissa,
How are you? Do you live in Paris? I am Amit, 28 from India and I am doing my masters in engineering at ECE and I live at the CITE Universitaire...and you? Hope we can get to know each other..You can write me directly at agarwalamit081[at]gmail.com or text me at 07 60 52 74 21
See you soon,

Hi Kerissa-

I'm 24 and recently moved to Paris and would LOVE to do any of what you mentioned! Bars and clubs are my thing...so if you'd like to get together to get coffee or get a drink, let me know!

Welcome to Expat.com, EmilieMelanie :)
I hope you will enjoy your time in Paris and will meet some nice friends here on Expat.com :)

Bonjour Kerrisa,

I hope you got here in time for a little bit of the relaxing weather before this cold came in.  Though what was the weather like in Seattle before you left?

I've been here with my fiancée for a year and a half and before Paris we were in Prague for two years.  I'm originally from Chicago and she's from Vermont...though we met in San Diego where I lived for 8 years prior to Europe.

I don't know if The Daily Show or The Colbert Report is your thing but we're getting about 60 people together at The Thistle (112 rue Saint-Denis 75002 Paris France Metro: Etienne Marcel, Chatelet) at 6pm on Saturday the 30th to watch the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in DC that's hosted by Stewart and Colbert.  If you don't know these shows...it's all satire/comedy. You can find the Facebook event and Meetup page at posse.fm

Besides the rally there's a bunch of great Meetups to join at Meetup.com

When did you get here?

Bon dimanche!


oh ok cool, ill try and make it, yeah i know those shows :) thats cool, it seems like you have been all over experiencing some cool places to live.  what are you doing in paris?  ill check out that meetup page.

Hey Kerrisa,

Yea, I've been lucky to have a job on the internet where I can live anywhere....though I definitely miss San Diego's climate.  Prague was my city to live in for a little bit to do some family research and France was my fiancee's dream.  It all just started to come together in 2006 for her and then 2007 for me.  Olivia lived in Paris for 8 months and then while waiting for her visa she we lived together in Prague for a year.  Her visa came through and then months later my Irish Citizenship came through and we moved to Paris where she had jobs waiting for her.  I've been an email campaign specialist for 9 years for a company in San Diego so I work from home during the day and mostly at night as I still support CA to NY hours.  What part of the city are you in?


Bonne semaine!


Hey Kerissa, I'm also here for Au Pair work and also checking out French schools (let me know if you find a good one) and if you wanna hang out, it's hard at first being in a new city especially being a girl if you want to go out, it can be a lil hard. :)

hello everybody,

If you plan to take a drink, something... I will be happy to join to you. Let me know.

hey. How you liking being an au pair so far?? iv been here for nearly 3 months working as an au pair. Iv met a few friends so its great we can go out at weekends on our time off.How long are you here for??


Yeah I really like it.  I think being an au pair is a cool opportunity.  I am here until the end of the summer.  And you?

I'm not very new to Paris, however, I have spent the past year working 6 days per week and making a few now close friends. Unfortunately, with these being au pairs they have just left or are leaving at the end of the year :(
Would be happy to meet for a drink sometime

hi Kerissa;)

Are u enjoying life in Paris as an AU pair?  I'd love to work as an AU pair in Paris but I'm from NZ.  Any advice you want to share;)

Thanks, Marj

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