College costs in the Ukraine

Cost of college.
I hosted a Ukrainian exchange student.  I am thinking of helping her with college expenses.  What is the cost of a typical college in Ukraine - for a Ukrainian? (in US dollars per year). Tuition? housing?

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It depends.

On average ~70% of students are supported by government. 100% of student get stipend. Miserable  but still. Registered student pay discount pricing for dormitories ~$50-$100 per semester. Those who can afford rent apartment. Cost for that varies from $10 in province to $300 in Kiev.
I recommend to find what institution it is and check online.
Here is a link to official cost of education at NUBIP in Kiev.
On average it is ~$1000 per year. But it is Kiev. In province it can be as low as $200 or free. Again some of students pay nothing if student is on "government order" (derg zamovlennya). Books are provided for free by universities.
If student is on derg zamovlennya food and transportation are main expenses. $30 a month plus support from parents - totaling to ~$100 in food would provide a very good base for any student outside of Kiev.

Just curious, how did you find that she need money for education when she could  buy a ticket to USA? Just a thought.

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She did not pay for her US ticket.  She was part of the FLEX program (Future Leader Exchange). They have a few thousand applicants and a few dozen get selected by the US state department at our embassy by tests and interviews.  Their travel and a small stipend are paid for by our US government. see:  Being a Flex student is a bit of an honor.

Basically she was a top (perfect 12's there, 95+% here) student, a leader and volunteer in her community and excellent in English.  I have had a lot of exchange students and she impressed me.  I would like to help her. She is now like a daughter. She lost a year of Ukraine schools so she may not score as well as she could compared to those that stayed in the Ukraine on those tests.  I do not doubt that she will get some Ukranian scholarships but would like to help a little on the other things. 

But no her family lives in the country and exists mostly by their own garden, raising chickens,..... so too much money there.

She is still only a high school student.

Flex program requires quite high grade ets. I bet she will get into budget program (free education). Unless she go into private program.

Hmm. Future leaders in high school?? Tax payers money are well spent.

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