Pakistani Students in Ukraine

My name is Waseem and i living and working as Engineer in Stockholm Sweden. I need some information about Ukraine universities so please tell me if you are Ukraine and which city you are and what are you studying. I need general information about engineering and medical area as some of my friends in Pakistan want to come to Ukraine for study.
I am also planning to travel to Kiev on 29th of June and it will be great if we can meet in Kiev, I will be travelling from Stockholm to Kiev for collecting the information and for looking around the country.

Best regards


Hi  Waseem,

Its certainly cheaper in Ukraine but I think you'll find the university standards in rather low and if you did qualify not sure it would be accepted worldwide. Many Ukrainian students tend finish their education in former Soviet countries like Poland where the education is more expensive than Ukraine but very much cheaper than Germany or France. Good thing with the Polish degree is that its recognised in most countries.


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