Is there a need for English Schools in Ukraine?

I've been thinking about opening an English Language School somewhere.  Do you think the Ukraine woulde be a good place?  If so, what city?


I'm from US and live in Kharkov now. I decided to Teach and Tutor English in my spare time to give me something to do. Although there are about 10 English Language Schools there are no Native Speakers and when it was told I was wanting to Teach/Tutor there was a bidding war and people also begging me to Tutor them. People learn English in these schools and the Universities here but they are taught only with a book from another Ukrainian and no one has the ability to Speak properly. They know English but all are nervous to use it with a Native. So anywhere you open a school it will be successful if you simply have a Native Speaker.

Well, that's good to know.  I'm happy to hear that the market is somewhat open.  Want a job? :)

Any place would be OK to open school with native speakers. I learned the best from from such a communication.
Kiev, Kharkiv, Lviv Odessa would be the best choices for better profit :).
I saw many schools in Ukraine that teach English but a few students really learn.

Any of those you wanting to open new school/academy teaching English... would like adding Spanish to it to make it much more complementary?

I am a Spanish native, graduated on English Language and would have no problem in communication with you or others in English, but adding that of Spanish, an increasing language in demands from Eastern countries.

Just contact me if anyone intested on the idea...


When I was in Nikolaev in April I was sitting in a bank with my lady and was aproached by another American who asked if I would be interested in teaching at his wife's language school.
This was funny because they are in competition with my lady's own english teaching business!  LOL  So if I were to do it I already have a partner in the biz.

Hi everybody

Message for Igotu2Brantley... Are you looking for extra teachers of English? I'm Spanish Native, but degree on English Language. Could teach both languages and that way cover wider scope of potential customers. Interested on my services?


hi..i am from scotland and want to move to ukriane soon to teach english fora year...e mail me on 'mgaffney67[at]' if you think you have any ideas,..thanks...I have a degree and teaching qualification...

Yes, especially in the villages, such as Hryshkivtski (jetomar oblast), Kristinivka (next to Uman). I am a former U.S. Peace Corps volunteer and it is true what some have responded to your inquiry.

However, yes, I agree the money would probably be made more in the richer areas such as the capital Kiev, or Liviv Odessa etc. But those that truly truly need it are the boys and girls in the villages.

I hope this is of help.

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I'm sorry I should of stated I was an ESL teacher during my time in Ukraine in both villages mentioned above.

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This is an old thread (2010). Do not hesitate to start a new one on the Ukraine forum and introduce yourself as well. :)

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I currently give lessons in my village to the kids that need it the most. I am TEFL qualified and have been teaching for a few years now.
I agree with jsegura the ones that need it the most live in the villages. I charge 15hrn an hour and only take 1 to 1 classes, if they cannot pay cash I have been given wine, honey,eggs,you name it. For me the small charge is more about commitment to learning, but I do run a free English Club on a Saturday.

Sure, the need for native speakers is high even in Kyiv, Ukrainian capital. So I think here you can find wide audience for your school

igotu2Brantley88 :

I've been thinking about opening an English Language School somewhere.  Do you think the Ukraine woulde be a good place?  If so, what city?


No, we don't. Why? Because it's Ukraine, not THE Ukraine. No one will attend a school, which calls the country it's situated in, as some sort of a province, instead of a country.

Did this idea ever get off the ground?

landonp :

Did this idea ever get off the ground?

yep, i am also interested in the ending of the full story ))

Kyiv, Odesa, lviv, Chernigiv, Donetsk, kharkiv, Sevastopol Engl. schools are necessary everywhere. Please, do your best in this direction.

The suspense is awful ..... someone has to let us know the outcome


yes it's a great idea especially now. I'm looking for friends to team up with to achieve that very goal.

Would you like to talk about it? email me directly hamudi2202[at]

Many thanks


Hi,I am interested in this topic as I have a long term goal in this direction.I am currently a construction trades tutor and am studying to get qualification at level 5 for tutoring english as a foreign language.I am going to research this topic on the ground as my girlfriend lives in Zaparozhye and I have some contacts there too through friends I have made there.My long term goal is to maybe settle there as I love the people and the ambience,don't know why it is a bit of a ruin.As a self employed 46 yr old I am pretty much unemployable in any capacity other than being my own boss or freelance.I THINK there is a need but as an entreprenuer I need to know and have the skills in place too before diving in.I will be there week com 18th so will post my findings.

im going to set up a school in kiev... looking for people who with the right mind set i can work with to make it a success

Hello hamudi2202 -> You should post an advert in the Looking for section in the Ukraine classifieds.

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thank you :)

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My name  is Ashok Dharia. I am Realtor/Broker in Houston,TX USA
looking to open English teaching school in kiev?
if you have same interest ?please contact me?

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I have an  interested in opening one in Kharkov  as opposed to Kiev due to the large number of universities there. Get back to me if you wish to discuss this more.


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