lavazza or Illy coffee -where has it gone and where can you buy it ?

does anyone know, please? I can't find them at all now in Riyadh. THANKS!

Lavazza is on Tahliya street in Localizer Mall. I don't know about Illy.. Was there one?

thanks but does it sell packets of  ground coffee ? I can't find a phone number online (there was never an Illy cafe as far as I know, but Illy coffee was easy to find in supermarkets til about a month ago..same with Lavazza)

I don't know but I can ask when I am there if you are far from there. Where do you live? I used to see both in Carrefour in Granada mall but I will look again.

thanks:- they are not in Carrefour or elsewhere-there must be some problem with importation or distribution. I will check out at Lavazza cafe next time I am downtown.

They are selling at Lavazza  Cafe as 1 kg packs

thanks- I went the other day and discovered that. I meanwhile found Illy in Tamimi so will wait for Lavazza Rossa  (ground coffee)to return to the supermarkets
Best wishes

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