Presentation of expat blog members in Antwerp

Hello and welcome on!

We invite the new members in Antwerp and surroundings to present themselves in this discussion :)

Are you living here since some time or did you just arrive?

What brought you to Antwerp? What passionates you, do you have hobbies?

Thanks for your presentation and see you soon on expat-blog!

I've been living here over a year; I came here to be with my Dutch husband. I have many hobbies and interests, if anyone cares to know about them, or me in general, you are welcome to ask me. I'm always happy to chat with people. =)

Oh and ftr, "passionates" is not a word. :rolleyes:

Hi, I moved to Hemiksem Belgium at the beginning of September. Coming from South Africa getting use to the way of living in Belgium came as quite a shock but i am loving it. Very nice country and people.

I can speak English, Afrikaans, getting use to Dutch and i am learning French. Glad to be on this community and if you wanna know more you can just check my profile or contact me.



My name is Hany. I have been living in Antwerp for 1.5 years now, though used to travel a lot. I enjoy all aspects of the city from restaurants to waffls to theaters:). I speak a bit of dutch as well by now, which helps a lot. Come originally from Canada and Egypt and have features and behaviors between both cultures. Before that, I was working in Delft in the Netherlands. Looking to expand my network of friends in the city and help others/ do shared activities:). If there are things planned, count me in:) Have a good day.

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