Hey, n00b here ;)

Hey all, *waves*

I just discovered this site. Slightly irked Brussels is the only city deemed worthy of note!! But it seems like an interesting site, anyway. I'm an American, living in Belgium with my (Dutch) husband, and I absolutely love it here. =)

Welcome on Expat.com Melby!

How is life in Belgium ? Do you like it ?

Thank. =)

Yep, I love it. My only issue is the bureaucracy! I have been here since the summer and am only getting my meeting for my residency a month from now! Agh! lol. But otherwise, yes, Belgium is wonderful and I absolutely love it here. I intend to live here indefinitely. =)

I'm glad you are enjoying your stay in Belgium but I wouldn't come back for a million! Have been out of the country for way too long time and think I would never again get used to live there!

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