Be Careful of Yourselves


Be careful of yourselves especially girls, some people here are just pretending, they might just get your trust and attention, could meet you in person and could take advantage of your situation. 

You can be friendly but be wise enough and never trust so early. It does not happen to me because I can already read between the lines what he/she is thinking.

Goodluck and stay safe.

Kind regards,


Yes well said. Were was they is always a danger of meeting people and I hope urself have had no problems there is always basic steps to stay safe. Meet in a public place and allways be weary and tell ppl were ur going

Thanks hannahhadman!

Its just that I met somebody on this site who was "nice" but seems to just want my trust to meet him but most probably he realize that he can`t fool me by his strategy, so now he stopped sending me message. Too much to say just..................

Watch out especially girls!!


Yeah I always chat with people a lot before meeting them one on one to to speak

Ive also just thought Ihope noone else has had a seriously bad expirance be helpful to know to keep us alaert

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