Looking for job as Teacher of Spanish in European Countries

Hello everyone,

My name is Jorge and though not new at all here, this is the first time I'm posting an ad...

The reason to do is becaue I could notice this is growing and growing and people here try to help others, and on the other hand because I am a bit tired of current job and really need a change, if possible to another European country.

Being graduated on English lang<ure. and almost degree on Hispanic Philology, and Spanish my mother tongue... wondered whether any of the many friends around the globe would be interested in someone like me to teach Spanish to those demanding it. Preferently in Europe...

Contact me please for any doubts or proposals. Will reply to all of you!


Hi Kroninboy, welcome to Expat.com ! :)
Maybe you should insert an ad in The Classifieds -> jobs section.
Good luck

Hi Kroninboy, welcome to KSA Expat.com !
Maybe you have to visit gulfjobsbank.com it is a useful website.

Good luck

Thanks Arlette and Tarek for your advices... will follow them, no doubt!


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