Moving to kampala

Moving to kampala in a few months, coming to find work and settle.. Dont know anyone there so meeting new people would be a great start !  :-)

hello. Am billy. Will help u in any case..+256789694626 my number.

Hello am Gadafi trying to say your welcome to kampala :) and can as well well help you incase you need help

Thanks guys just send me your e-mails on my inbox!  :top:

Give me a call on 0414533111 and ask for Nalongo

Hey! Which part of London are you from? I moved here from Hertfordshire just over a year ago.

Coming from east london, docklands area.. how has it been for you moving to kampala?  :)

Hey am called herbert, welcome to the pearl of african, am sure u will enjoys it hear! Here is my email, what to hang out,text me am online most of the time!


Welcome to UG, how are you finding it?


hey how are u thete? op u are doing great.

hope u are having great time and moving on this well

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