Hi there

I'm due to move to Kampala in April but pretty petrified about the social situation. Just started browsing these expat forums in an attempt to make some potential friends before the big move. Eek.
Anyway would be great to hear back (if you're feeling socially charitable!) private message probably best, haven't figured out how to navigate this thing


Ps, male 25, British bla bla

will u also visit Tanzania

hey its cool here you dont have to be a charitable friend...can help u out

will u cross over to Tanzania for a holiday or something?

Hi there
am happy your coming to uganda and to be honest your welcome to my country.
if you need a friend to talk and  walk you around am at your service
thank you so much
Call me Tracy

you are welcome to uganda , most people in uganda are hospitable, anyways  you can link up when you come

Any time...looking to meet some
friends too.

You are welcome

Hey Cris,
Uganda is fun and secure ,even more secure  for tourists/visitors.
Advise i can give you is that most ugandan's think anyone white has a lot of money and always try to reap them off from small things like taxi fares to food.

I don't know the purpose of your visit but i would have advised you appropiately on many issues like accomodation, places to visit so you have a good time here

All the best Cris

Hi,just seen your post. I don't know whether you're already in Uganda but all in all,welcome to the pearl of Africag. Wana be yo friend; born again Christian,teacher, hospitable and so on. Ready to help enjoy the best in Uganda. Regards Charles Musasizi.