Hi All - Moving from Canada to Kampala in two weeks

Hi All,

I'm moving from Vancouver, Canada to Kampala on Sep 10th. I'll be on my own and really looking forward to getting out and meeting some of you! Please get in touch if your up for meeting up. I'm always up for organizing stuff - are there any networks / facebook pages I should join?

A bit about me - I just turned 30 and have been living in Geneva for the last two years. Prior to that I spent four years in Brussels and London. I've been working in the international health field and will be working with a group of NGOs focusing on cancer and chronic diseases.

I really into my sports - I'm an avid sailor and ice hockey fan (Canucks) and also enjoy biking, swimming, hiking and climbing.

Looking forward to meeting you and drop me a message if you have any advice for a newbie on housing etc in Kampala.



Hello Greg.

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

You are free to organize an Expat.com Gathering. You just need to propose a date, an hour and a place.

Concerning the housing, the Housing in Kampala section is available. You may post an advert there.

Thank you,

Hi Greg,

Welcome to The Pearl OF Africa. I am Jagadish Babu, an Indian from Mysore living & working in kampala at Norvik Hospital Limited since Aug 2010. Will be glad to meet you. My number is 0700885262


HI Greg,

Fellow Canadian here -- seeing as you landed two weeks ago, I imagine you're already figuring out the city yourself, so no major wisdom from me! (Happy to answer questions if you have them, though)

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Anyways, I know that was something that worried me a bit when I was getting set up here, so if you'd like to hear more, send me a message and I'll answer questions/put you in touch!

Hope you're enjoying the city!



hey Greg ,u are very welcome to Uganda,Barbra

hey greg, u r most welcome 2 "Uganda@50" as we now call her afew days to Independence Day golden jubilations. any way i guess so far your stay is pretty great and i bet u must be shocked or pa se surprised at some of the things u have seen and heard juxtaposed to what u was told before about Africa,and the Pearl of Africa in general. Well, am Kanyesigye by names but Emma or Kanye. You can reach me via my cell fone numbers 0705167090 or 0703490344 or kgyem47 on skype.
All said and done,let me wish u the best stay here and all the best Mr Greg

Hi Greg,

About your housing situation you will need to find somewhere relatively close to where you intend to be working. Rush hour traffic in Uganda can be a nightmare but i know a enterprenuer who has a beautiful house a few metres from the lake and he prefers quarterly rental payments.If you are interested, i can send you pictures of the house.

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How is your experience in Uganda so far?

Hi, I hope this mail finds you well. I have just read you on Expat.com that you moved to Uganda. You are so much welcome to Uganda. I am called Asiimwe Fridah, 32 years lady. I love making friends, swimming and traveling. If you still want to have friends, I am here to be your friend and tell you more about Uganda because I am from here. (moderated)

Hope to hear from you

Have a blessed day




You are most welcome to Kampala, Like i have just read your post, you are looking for a house as well, but its better for you to be specific what kind of house you are looking for, duration, furnished or unfurnished? area? and of course the rent, how much are you looking at`?



how is your stay so far in kampala? liking it?