Moving to Kampala!!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Rebecca and I am English originally but have been living in Denmark the last 4 years.  I work in the Oil industry (I know, I sold my soul!) and my next post is Uganda!! Is very exciting but also a little scary :)

I will be based in Kampala but in the field a lot also, just looking to meet some people, of all nationalities (I have lived in Switzerland and Australia also) especially as I will be moving alone.

Sounds like a fabulous place to live, would love to find some new peoples and even someone to show me the best hangouts.

I hear Bubbles is a favourite, I adore cricket and rugby and most sports in fact, am only slightly competitive :)

Love to hear from you all, seems a great network, Thanks! Bex

Hi Rebecca,

Welcome to!

Thank you for this introduction.

All the best,

hi Bex you welcome to Uganda, you can hit me up when you are around

Hi Bex,

How are you getting on?!

I have also just moved here  - a few weeks ago - and am keen to meet people to socialise and drink wine with ;-). Would be great to hear from you.


Hi Guys,

Thank you for your replies! My wonderful company decided (on the eve of my departure) that in fact I had to go offshore to do one last job.  And consequently I am still in Denmark!

However I am expecting (still vague after last time) that I will be flying down to Kampala this thursday.

I will be working in the field quite often but am very keen to get to know the expat community in Kampala when I am around!

Think at this stage I will be living in the Mbuya area, as this is where our base is.

Will be in touch when I arrive! :)


Hey oil chick,
Greetings.My name is Mark,just read your posting. Hahaa..its been quite awhile though,but just thought it fine OK responding.Uganda is a fine place to be and live in. Iam currently volunteering with the health ministry.The oil sector is growing,true,although far out of the dominions of the central towns,leave alone the oil company headoffices,but the rest is well.I will be glad to meet you,share with you more experiences of the country and as well career issues.Kindly let me know whenever your available,thanx

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Hi Bex,

It's Thursday (well, Friday now since its past midnight), you here yet? Should you feel like hanging out with a local girl (non-expat, that is) do drop me an email. cathymn[at]


good, welcome

Hope you are already in my country i just want to say you really are welcome these is my email may be we can chit chat

Hi Bex,

Just got to Kampala about a week ago and don't know many people except from work. Would like to meet some like minded people to develop a social network here.


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Hello Mnazim,

Welcome to Uganda! Join Expats in Uganda facebook group/ Muzungus in Uganda to meet other expats. Contact me should you have any more questions.

You are very right, Bubbles is classy. Call me on +256 783631083 i will gladly show u around.

Hi, u re I Uganda already, I like going out too we can get in touch


Hey Bex. really a pleasure associating with you here at this expert-blog am delighted that we going to know each other and share views that matter in my country and maybe you can as well share with me yours..

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Welcome to destination kampala-Uganda.

Hello! Moving to kampala aswell soon, I am terrified cuz I actually dont know anyone! (Yep my family think am crazy lol ) but wana settle somewhere different.. tired of london.. what are you going to do there?